Current WIPS

Below is my current WIP list

Carried over into 2017

Cirque des Coeurs - Ink Circles - NOW DONE

Buen Appetito - Charting Creations

2017 Starts

Canada Sampler - Stitchrovia (Started January 1st)

Tapestry - Ink Cirlces (Started February 20th)

Fantasy Triptych - Teresa Wentzler (Started May 1st)

Valentina - Ink Circles - Designated Travel project

Fairy Alighting - X's and O's (Started Dec 5th) - NOW DONE

Year in Chalk - Hands on Design (Started Dec 20th) - doing one/month (1 month ahead)

Coffee Quaker - Heartstring Samplery (Started Dec 26th) - NOW DONE

2018 Starts

Dragons of Sumatra - Ink Circles (Started Jan 1)

Tiny Tidings XXII - Lizzie Kate (Started Jan 20) - doing one/month

Sneek - Long Dog Mystery Sampler (Started March 6)

Death by Cross Stitch - Long Dog Samplers (Started Mar 15)