Sunday, March 3, 2019

February 2019 update

This was another slow month due to many things, but mostly busy work schedule.

Stitching is up first, Knitting will be at the end.


I managed to get my ornament done early this month.  I picked JOY from Rovaris in the 2018 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue

This came out to play for a bit... but not much progress.  I really want this one done!

The Red and The Black
I did make a bit of progress on this one from Prairie Moon.  I am still enjoying this one and plan to pick it up again soon!

Feather SAL
I finally got my fabric and was able to start.  I got the first feather done, and a large part of the outline.  I am not horribly behind yet, and will hopefully catch up soon with most of the outlines done.


Grotine Shawl
I spotted this shawl when Song Bird Fibres shared it on Instagram stories.  The proceeds from the sale of this pattern go directly to True North Aid which does practical support for Northern First Nations Communities.  Caroline Dick (ElectricTree on IG) is the designer.  Song Bird is also donating  an extra bit if you use their yarn, which I AM!!

During the long weekend in February I attended a knitting retreat just outside of Meaford Ontario.  it was an AMAZING weekend with no stress.  I worked on my red socks most of the time while there.
There were also a lot of finishes that weekend... including a knitting puzzle!

I will go with these  ladies again in a heartbeat!!

Red Harbour Socks
I got a lot of progress done on my socks at retreat, and managed to get them done on the 22nd.  I used my usual vanilla sock pattern, but added the Petty Harbour pattern for texture.  i was also VERY happy with how the heel went!

Sockhead hat
After getting my sockhead cowl done, I started on my matching hat.. I am doing both in Beach Glass from Lizzie Ann Yarns.  There will also be matching socks at some point :)
Here is my cowl for reference:
Here is where i have gotten to on the hat:

Sunday, February 3, 2019

January 2019 update

January is finally over, and hopefully that means the miserable cold goes away too!

  • January 1 - Started Shakespeare's fairies with Christin, Becca, Dani, and Dale.

  • January 16 - Finished Dark Shards - my first finish of 2019!

  • January 27 - Finished my January ornament.  This is Dashing through the snow from JCS 2018 xmas edition

  • January 10(ish) - Re-started my next pair of socks, which I have named Red Harbour (for the pattern i'm using, Petty Harbour)

  • January 24 - Finished my Sockhead cowl, which I LOVED doing.  I used Lizzie Anne Yarns in Beach Glass for this.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 WIPS and general plans

Like many of us, I carried some WIPs into this year.
Here is what I have going into 2019 with their start dates

  • Pre ‘17 - Buen Appetito (Charting Creations)
  • Jan 1’17 - Canada Sampler (Stitchrovia)
  • Feb 20’17 - Tapestry (Ink Circles)
  • May 1’17 - Fantasy Triptych (TW)
  • Jan 1’18 - Dragons of Sumatra (Ink Circles)
  • Mar 6’18 - Sneek SAL (Long Dog Samplers)
  • Mar 15’18 - Death by Cross Stitch (Long Dog Samplers)
  • June 16’18 - Prickly but cute (Fuzzy Fox)
  • Nov 10’18 - The Red and The Black I (Prairie Moon)
  • Dec 26’18 - Dark Shards (Ink Circles)

General Plans

  • BLOG - Since starting a new job in January, I find I have less time to do the small things.  This includes keeping up with my blog.  I would like to continue though, but don't know a schedule yet.  I will try to at least update monthly... but would LOVE to get back to weekly posts.  Maybe I will find a happy medium?
  • STARTS - This year I am not limiting myself to new starts.  If I want to start, I'm going to start.  Doesn't mean I am going to start all the things, but since stitching is my joy, I don't want to limit myself.
  • SALS 
    • I did do a January 1st new start with friends Christin, Becca, Dani, and Dale.  This will be in my January update
    • I am also going to take part in the peppermint purple SAL from Lakeside needlework.  I can't wait to start it in early February
  • Monthly ornament - I would like to still try and do an ornament a month

Friday, February 1, 2019

2018 Summary

Since I did a re-cap for Oct-Dec 2018, I thought I could list all my finishes for 2018

2018 Finishes

  1. Jan 20 - Merry Christmas (Lizzie Kate - TT.XXII)
  2. Jan 28 - Merry HoHo (Lizzie Kate - Yearly Santa’s)
  3. Jan 28 - A Year in Chalk - Feb (Hands on design)
  4. Feb 11 - Coffee Quaker (Heartstring Samplery)
  5. Feb 17 - Busy Elves (Lizzie Kate - TT.XXII)
  6. Feb 18 - A Year in Chalk - Mar (Hands on design)
  7. Mar 4 -  Cirque des Coeur (Ink Circles)
  8. Mar 5 - A Year in Chalk - Apr (Hands on design)
  9. Mar 14 - Mr & Mrs Santa (Lizzie Kate - TT.XXII)
  10. Apr 1 - Fairy Alighting (X’s and O’s)
  11. Apr 4 - A Year in Chalk - May (Hands on design)
  12. Apr 21 - Two Houses (Lizzie Kate - TT.XXII)
  13. May 4 - A Year in Chalk - June (Hands on design)
  14. May 5 - Valentina (Ink Circles)
  15. May 9 - Snowy House (Lizzie Kate - TT.XXII)
  16. May 12 - Merry Christmas V2 (Lizzie Kate - TT.XXII)
  17. June 2 - Blackwork Tangram (Peppermint Purple)
  18. June 3 - Wedding Row V3 (Bent Creek)
  19. June 6 - Let it snow ornament (Barbara Ana)
  20. June 11 - A Year in Chalk - July (Hands on design)
  21. July 22 - A Year in Chalk - August (Hands on design)
  22. Aug 11 - Hearts A Flutter (1867 schoolhouse)
  23. Aug 15 - A Year in Chalk - September (Hands on design)
  24. Sept 2 - A Year in Chalk - October (Hands on design)
  25. Sept 30 - Polar Bear Ornament (Durene Jones)
  26. Oct 7 - Dutch Tile Blackwork SAL (Peppermint Purple)
  27. Oct 14 - A Year in Chalk - November (Hands on design)
  28. Oct 20 - Cat on pumpkin (Durene Jones)
  29. Nov 2 - A Year in Chalk - December (Hands on design)
  30. Nov 2 - Whatever Unicorn V2

Thursday, January 31, 2019

2018 Catch up

Where did the last 3 months of 2018 go?  I swear I still can't figure it out!

So I have finally managed to get around to getting a 2018 catch up post done.  I hope I don't miss anything

  • Oct 7'18 - Finished the Dutch Tile SAL.  I REALLY enjoyed this! and can't wait to do another SAL with Peppermint Purple.

  • Oct 14'18 - Finished November Year in Chalk

  • Oct 20'18 - Finished the Durene Jones cat freebie which at the retreat in Michigan (which was awesome, and I have already signed up for next year)

  • Nov 2'18 - Finished December Year in Chalk

  • Nov 3'18 - While at retreat, I stitched up the Whatever Bitch Unicorn for myself.  I had an extra piece of fabric with me, so Christin stole it and did one for herself.

  • Nov 11'18 - FINALLY got around to starting my "Unicorn" pattern, The Red and The Black from Prairie Moon.  I will be doing this on white with a teal accent to hopefully match my stash room some day.

  • Dec 26'18 - For the past few years, my friend Becca and I have done a SAL together that starts on the 26 (cause we couldn't wait to do a new start on the 1st of January).  Last year we talked our friend Trista into joining us with Coffee Quaker.  This year, we were talking about it at retreat, and it turned into a bigger SAL.  Dani, Christin, Rebecca, Trista, and Kathy to name a few joined in.

  • I also kept my ORTS all year and made into my yearly ornament.  This year I found some cute shaped ornaments to stuff the little bits into.

  • Oct 3'18 - Finished first pair of socks (I called them Orange Vanilla)

  • Nov 10'18 - Finished 2nd pair of socks and hitchhicker beyond shawl

  • Dec 16'18 - Finished first hat, the volcan hat (named for the yarn)

  • Dec 23'18 - Finished 3rd pair of socks, my fairy lights socks

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 2018 plans

As much as I love the fall, I still can't believe that October is here!  Seriously... where has this year gone!

I am going to continue with my reduced plans and updates for October, since it seemed to work for September.

  • I really liked how the Durene Jones ornament went last month, so I think I will attempt another one.  I would love to stitch all three... and I might even do an extra one for retreat :O
  • I am still behind for July and August, so you never know... I might get an extra one done.
  • November is all ready to go.  I can't believe I'm almost done these! 
  • I am currently on part 7 and there are only 8 (last part coming out soon)... I am hoping to get this one done!
4) WIP
  • With the Dutch Tile SAL (hopefully) done this month, I will need to pick a new focus.
  • My choices at the moment are:
    • Tapestry (Ink Circles)
    • Dragons of Sumatra (Ink Circles)
    • Sneek (SAL) (Long Dog)
    • Prickly but Cute SAL (Fuzzy Fox)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September 2018 update

I reduced my plans in September to try and get back on track.  I have come to realize the success I had for the first 6 months is just not going to happen at the moment.  I have come to be be okay with it though... as many things have changed.

Lets see how I did do in September:

1) Ornament a month - KINDA
  • I wanted to get caught up with ornaments, but that didn't happen
  • I did get ONE down however, so I'm happy with that... especially since I even finished it!
Polar Bear Ornament - Durene Jones
2) Year in Chalk - YES
  • This is something I have been able to keep up with !  October was done early into the month.  It still needs to be ironed and laced.
Year in Chalk - October
Hands on Design
Fabrics by Stephanie - 32ct linen slate
3) Dutch Tile SAL - YES
  • I managed to get the 6th part done, and am working on the first tile on the 7th.  I call this a win
Dutch Tile SAL - Peppermint Purple/Lakeside Needlecraft
4) WIP - NO
  • I really only stuck to the items above, so no other WIPS were really worked on.  I did pull out Canada sampler for a bit, but it didn't hold my attention.

I have been doing some knitting as well this month.  I actually finished my first pair of socks on the 30th!  I can't wait to cast on my 2nd pair :)

I also participated in the charity KAL at my local store, and did a knitted knocker.  This was the first time using DPN's.... not a fan.... not a fan.

I also have 2 shawls on the go... the ardent and the hitchhiker beyond.