Sunday, January 19, 2020

2020 updates - Week 3 - Words to live by and some knitting

Week 3 of 2020 is now history

This week I went with the next thing on my goal/plan list, which is my Words to Live by SAL from the Tiny Modernist

You last saw this during my WIP Parade

I finished Part 2 on Saturday night
Part 2 Done

On Wednesday I got up a bit early to pump out Week 3 on the Peppermint Purple  A Year of Blackwork SAL.  I got it done early that evening

Sunday morning I decided to pull out Tapestry (one of my oldest WIPS)
This is where I was from the WIP Parade

A bit of progress was made

This week I also started the Everyday Shawl from Andrea Mowry.
Everyday Shawl - Drea Renee Knits
I attempted it late last year, but wasn't happy with the way it looked with the yarn I had picked.  I changed yarn and am much happier.

This is my small progress to date

Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Updates - Week 1&2

How is it January 12th already???

Since January 1st I have been working on my Let it Snow from Barbara Anna Designs

I haven't stopped working on this since, and finished it Saturday night (11th)...
YES! My first Finish of 2020

Saturday after I finished Let It Snow, I started my January Ornament.  This month I am doing Moose Joy from the JCS Xmas '19 issue.
I picked a random 32ct linen small and thread I had on hand, and finished this up on Sunday afternoon.
YES! 2nd finish of 2020

Plans/Goals update
Starting Let is snow was #1 on the January list, so that can have a check mark!
Stitching an ornament was #2, so that can also have a check mark!

I have also decided to add a SAL for the year.  I have LOVED everything from Peppermint Purple I have stitched, so when she came out with a 52 week SAL how could I resist!

I started mine Sunday afternoon after the ornament, and got the first 2 weeks done.  I plan to keep up with these each week

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January 2020 Plans

I have been worried about making goals for my stitching lately.
2019 wasn't the greatest year that that carried into my stitching as well.

Back in 2018 making plans each month really helped motivate me though, so I'm going to try and re-start that this year.

January 2020 Plans

  • Start Let it Snow - SAL with Dani, Christin, Kathy, Becca
  • Stitch an ornament
  • Stitch on First saying block (Technically part 2) on Words to live by
  • Make progress on one of my older WIPS - Canada Sampler or Tapestry

Monday, January 6, 2020

2020 New Start - Let it Snow

2020 New Start #1 - Let it Snow

On January 1st I started Let it Snow as a Stitch A Long with some friends

This year we are doing Let it Snow from Barbara Ana Designs


Designer:Barbara Ana Designs
Start Date:January 1, 2020
Fabric:32ct petit point natural/red linen
Thread:Called for DMC

As of Saturday I am half done.  I am REALLY enjoying this and hope to have it finished by the end of this weekend... fingers crossed!

2019 ORTS

For a number of years, I have kept my ORTS until December 31st each year.
Then, on January 1, I put into a clear ornament and start again.

2019 will be my 8th ornament

I plan to do the same in 2020, and I might even attempt TUSAL again

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

WIP Parade 2019 - Castle Walls

In an effort to update my blog, I am presenting my WIPS that will continue into 2020
These will be posted in order by start started (oldest first)
I hope you enjoy!

WIP PARADE 2019 - WIP #14

Next WIP up is Castle Walls


Designer: Ink Circles
Start Date: December 26, 2019
Fabric: 32ct Silvery Moon
Thread: Custom threads dyed by Rolanda
Other Notes: Boxing Day SAL with Rebecca, plus others that are also joining

Since starting on December 26th, here is my progress:

Friday, December 27, 2019

WIP Parade 2019 - Words to Live By

In an effort to update my blog, I am presenting my WIPS that will continue into 2020
These will be posted in order by start started (oldest first)
I hope you enjoy!

WIP PARADE 2019 - WIP #13

Next WIP up is Words to live by.


Designer: The Tiny Modernist
Start Date: December 6, 2019
Fabric: 28ct Navy Lugana
Thread: Called for DMC
Other Notes: One of the smaller blocks per month in 2020

This is going to be my monthly project in 2020.  There are 12 outside parts, and one in the middle which is what was started in December.
Here is where I am currently: