Monday, February 17, 2020

2020 updates - Week 7

Monday I did get a bit done on Words to live by

Wednesday was a busy day with a tax seminar, but I still managed to get the SAL release done in the evening

The I went back to words to live by.
I managed to get Part 3 done before bed on Saturday night

Other than keeping up with the Peppermint Purple SAL, this leaves with with Tapestry for my monthly goals.  I plan to pick it back up Monday night.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

2020 updates - Week 6

I have been trying to do my blog updates Sunday afternoons or evenings, but I had a massive headache.

I finally got a change to get caught up tonight.

Monday I worked on Tapestry for Ink Circles Monday

Wednesday is release day for the Peppermint Purple - A Year of Blackwork SAL.  I got week 6 done as started work on the border.

Saturday I sat down to work on Words to live by, but the mess of my stitching area was BUGGING ME!!!
So, I cleaned it out, and then got to work on the border of Part 3.
I didn't get too far as Hubby and I spent a big part of the day together and then joined some friends for gaming.  Day out included YUMMY Indian Food

Like I said, Sunday wasn't a great day, so no stitching to report.
Let hope this coming Sunday is MUCH MUCH BETTER!!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

2020 updates - Week 5 - Tapestry, blackwork, and socks!

Some of this will be a repeat of the January check-in, but still wanted to keep my weekly posts

This week had a bit of everything.  It started with a bit of a panic to find yarn for a sock class on Saturday.  I needed 2 coordinating colours... Now I have a bunch of sock yarn... but most is multi-colour or self striping.  I wouldn't have been able to get to my LYS (Yarn it!) until Thursday night, and worried this wouldn't give me enough time to get a toe done for the class.  Thankfully I found something I think will work well, and managed to also get 1/2 the toe done... all on Monday night.
These are the colours I finally choose.
That bag at the back is new.. .isn't is the cutest! Check out Gail's etsy page to get your own

Wednesday is the release of the weekly Peppermint Purple - A Year of Blackwork SAL part.  I had to go to a clients today, so couldn't finish all in the morning, but managed to finished Wednesday night.  I am all caught up on this, and will hopefully start my border in February.

Thursday and Friday saw a bit more work on Tapestry.

I am going to try my hardest to stick with this until I get a finish!  It will return as soon as my top February Goals are done

Speaking of February, Saturday morning before my sock class I started my monthly ornament.
This month was Christmas Bullfinch from the JCS 2019 ornament issue.

After the ornament was finished Sunday morning, I pulled out Words to live by from The Tiny Modernist.
Not much progress, but a bit done on the border

Hope everyone had a great week... and who else is glad the grayness of January is over!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 2020 plans, January check in

February 2020 Plans/Goals
This is what I hope to do/accomplish in February
  • Stitch an ornament
  • Stitch on 2nd saying block on Words to live by (Part 3)
  • Keep up to date with the PP 52 week SAL
  • Make more progress on Tapestry (maybe even see a finish???)

January Check-In
Lets check in with my January plans:

  • Start Let it Snow - SAL with Dani, Christin, Kathy, Becca - YES! and its finished

  • Stitch an ornament - YES! and its finished

  • Stitch on First saying block (Technically part 2) on Words to live by - YES! and its finished

  • Make progress on one of my older WIPS - Canada Sampler or Tapestry
    • I decided to pull out tapestry and this is where I got by the end of the month

    • While I tried to be good... I did start the 52 week SAL that I added in the first January update.  At least it wasn't all the things :)
  • Edit: Start the 52 week SAL from Peppermint Purple and keep up to date - Started.
    • Weeks 1 - 5 DONE

Sunday, January 26, 2020

2020 updates - Week 4

This week didn't see much stitching

Work kicked my butt, and ended up crashing early most nights.

Saturday, I was out all day, so again no stitching.

I did manage to keep up with the Peppermint Purple SAL though... thanks to getting up a bit early on Wednesday morning
Here is where it is to date

Other than that I have worked on Tapestry when I have stitched
Here is where I am tonight

Hoping this coming week sees more progress on Tapestry before it goes away for my February goals.

The other thing I'm trying to do this year is keep up with my orts for TUSAL
We had a new moon on Friday, so here are my orts from Jan 1 until the 24th

Sunday, January 19, 2020

2020 updates - Week 3 - Words to live by and some knitting

Week 3 of 2020 is now history

This week I went with the next thing on my goal/plan list, which is my Words to Live by SAL from the Tiny Modernist

You last saw this during my WIP Parade

I finished Part 2 on Saturday night
Part 2 Done

On Wednesday I got up a bit early to pump out Week 3 on the Peppermint Purple  A Year of Blackwork SAL.  I got it done early that evening

Sunday morning I decided to pull out Tapestry (one of my oldest WIPS)
This is where I was from the WIP Parade

A bit of progress was made

This week I also started the Everyday Shawl from Andrea Mowry.
Everyday Shawl - Drea Renee Knits
I attempted it late last year, but wasn't happy with the way it looked with the yarn I had picked.  I changed yarn and am much happier.

This is my small progress to date

Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Updates - Week 1&2

How is it January 12th already???

Since January 1st I have been working on my Let it Snow from Barbara Anna Designs

I haven't stopped working on this since, and finished it Saturday night (11th)...
YES! My first Finish of 2020

Saturday after I finished Let It Snow, I started my January Ornament.  This month I am doing Moose Joy from the JCS Xmas '19 issue.
I picked a random 32ct linen small and thread I had on hand, and finished this up on Sunday afternoon.
YES! 2nd finish of 2020

Plans/Goals update
Starting Let is snow was #1 on the January list, so that can have a check mark!
Stitching an ornament was #2, so that can also have a check mark!

I have also decided to add a SAL for the year.  I have LOVED everything from Peppermint Purple I have stitched, so when she came out with a 52 week SAL how could I resist!

I started mine Sunday afternoon after the ornament, and got the first 2 weeks done.  I plan to keep up with these each week