Tuesday, February 1, 2022

January 2022 Summary



WIPS at start: 22

New Starts: 2

Scrapped: 0

Finishes: 2

WIPS ending: 22

Days Stitched: 24

New Starts:

Life is Better - Started January 1st

Peppermint Purple SAL - Started January 5th
I am doing Layout 6 with my own colourway based on a Stitch Palette


Life is Better - Lizzie Kate
Jan 1'22 - Jan 7'22

Jardin de Plaisir - Long Dog
Jan 1'21 - Jan 17'22

Ink Circles and Long Dog

Back in December Christin and I were talking about our Ink Circles Day.  We also discussed that we need to spend more time on our Long Dog projects.
Then we talked Becca into joining us :)
I hereby declare... at some point every Sunday, when possible, the stitching of a Ink Circle or Long Dog design shall be completed.  It is the intention that the designer shall alternate each week 
This shall henceforth be referenced as #IDDxs

We officially started on the 9th with Ink Circles (IC), but since my plans for the Jan 2nd start got cancelled, I started with Long Dog (LD) on the 2nd.

We are using #IDDxs on Instagram if you want to follow our progress

    Jan 2 - LD - DONE
    Jan 9 - IC - DONE
    Jan 16 - LD - DONE
    Jan 23 - IC - DONE
    Jan 30 - IC - DONE

#24Hours of Cross Stitch

The weekend of the 21st was the first quarterly #24HOCS weekend of the year.  I went into that weekend totally ready to get 24.
Well things happen and I needed to be away from the house on Saturday for a few hours.  This ended up de-railing me... but things happen
I ended up working on Starburst, Farewell to Anger, Templar Prophecy, and Castle Walls.
In the end I did accomplish 18 out of 24 hours.... not too bad at all.

I plan to re-try this on the long weekend in February (not an official #24HOCS weekend)

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Jardin De Plaisir

 Last January's new start was Jardin De Plaisir from Long Dog Samplers.

I decided in December that I really wanted to see a finish on it.  I didn't get it done in 2021, but I did get it done on Monday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Life is better

 On January 1st I started Life if Better by Lizzie Kate with friends Christin and Dani

This was one of the faster January 1 starts, and had it finished on January 7th

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 - Wips carried forward

My WIPS that are being carried over from 2021 into 2022

  1. Canada Sampler
  2. Fantasy Triptych
  3. Dragons of Sumatra
  4. Sneek
  5. Death by Cross Stich
  6. Shakespeare's Fairies
  7. Zen Garden
  8. Templar Prophecy
  9. The Red & The Black II
  10. Words to live by
  11. Castle Walls
  12. Worker Bees
  13. Starburst
  14. Celtic Band Sampler
  15. Jardin De Plaisir 
  16. Winter Snowfall
  17. Tis the season (ornament)
  18. Forest Flower
  19. Farewell to Anger
  20. Ruskins Penguins
  21. Blueprint for the Rainbow City
  22. Bohemian Bliss

Monday, January 3, 2022

2021 Summary

Well here we are again... a new year and no blog posts

Instead of doing a WIP parade again, I'm just going to do a summary of starts, finishes etc.

2020 WIPS carried forward to 2021

  • Canada Sampler
  • Fantasy Triptych
  • Dragons of Sumatra
  • Sneek
  • Death by Cross Stich
  • Shakespeare's Fairies
  • Zen Garden
  • Templar Prophecy
  • The Red & The Black II
  • Words to live by
  • Castle Walls
  • Worker Bees
  • Starburst
  • Celtic Band Sampler
  • Henna Mandala

2021 New Starts
  • Jardin De Plaisir
  • PP Blackwork Sal 2021 (rectangle version)
  • Holly Jolly (ornament)
  • Winter Snowfall
  • PP Blackwork SAL 2021 (Square version)
  • Tis the season (ornament)
  • Forest Flower
  • Farewell to Anger
  • Happy Christmas Row
  • Ruskins Penguins
  • Autumn Gathering Sampler
  • Blueprint for the Rainbow City
  • Bohemian Bliss

2021 Finishes
  • Holly Jolly (Ornament)
  • Henna Mandala
  • Autumn Sampler
  • Happy Christmas Row

  • Peppermint Purple Blackwork SAL (rectangle Version)

2021 Scrapped

  • PP Blackwork SAL 2021 (Square version)
  • I made such little progress on it (about 3 weeks maybe) that I decided to rip it out and use the fabric and colours for the 2022 SAL
  • In Summary:

    15    WIPS on Jan 1
    13    New Starts
    1      Scrapped
    22 WIPS to 2022

    Here is to a new year, and maybe... just maybe... more posts! 

    Thursday, March 4, 2021

    March and April 2021 plans


    As most of my long-time readers know, I am an accountant in Canada.  Our Personal "Tax Season" has a NORMAL deadline of Apirl 30th.  This means March and April are CRAZY BUSY for me.

    Some years are better, but with COVID, I have really not slowed down from last year this time.

    So... I am grouping March and April plans in one post, and I may not update until the first week of May
    This will hopefully take some stress off of a hobby that is one of my 2 stress relievers (Stitching and now Knitting)

    I'm also keeping my plans very minimal

    1.    Ink Circles Day

    I am still planning on doing a minimum of 2 hours on an Ink Circles on Sundays.  I will concentrate on Henna, but may pull Castle Walls out as well

    2.     Jardin de Plaisir

            This will be my main WIP that I will pick up.  No pressure on how much, just to enjoy it.

    3.    Peppermint Purple SAL

            I would like to catch up and stay caught up on the rectangle version.

    Other considerations:  I also try and make some progress on my ornaments, but not going to stress about it.

    If you would like to see more current updates, I will be updating my Instagram account more frequently

    Wednesday, March 3, 2021

    February 2021 update


    Recap of my February Plans

    1. Ink Circles Day (Currently Sundays) - all weeks done
    2. Page 2 on Jardin De Plaisir - nope
    3. Progress on Winter Snowfall - nope
    4. Ornament - started but not done
    5. Keep up with Rectangle version on Peppermint Purple SAL - nope
    As you can see, February was a bit of a bust.  Work has been insane already and I’ve been too tired when I get home at night

    More details:

    1.    Ink Circles Sundays. 

    I only worked on Castle walls on Feb 7.  The rest of the month I worked on Henna Mandala

    2. Jardin de Plaisir 

    I was hoping to get page 2 done, but no luck.

    Here is where I did get to

    3. Winter snowfall

    I was hoping to make some progress but it didn’t get any love.  Here is where I ended in January 

    4. Ornament

    Again, not done.  I did start it though.  Ornament 2 from the Shannon Christine Ornament club

    5. Peppermint Purple SAL

    I wanted to keep up with my rectangle version, but haven’t touched since week 6