Monday, September 14, 2009

Nephew, more stitching and my first milestone

This weekend was a little more hectic than I wanted, but tis life.

I woke up Saturday morning and could not get motivated to save my life.  Finally at 12:30 I had a quick shower and got ready for my drive to Kitchener.  I got to stop at Micheals ont he way there, but couldn't find what I wanted (a hoop) so I just left... didn't buy a single thing.
Traffic was heavy, but no big slow downs which was nice.
I sat and talked to my step-nephew Ben for a few minutes and he informed me he got a new kitten.. so I went on the hunt... I fiqured I would get in less trouble if I play with the kitten than waking up my little nephew.. ah he must have sensed I was there (lol)... cause he woke up when I got to the top of the stairs... Kitten will have to wait.. It has been almost 2 months since I saw the little guy and then he was only a week old... He has double in size!  now a healthy 15 lbs.  I didn't get a good picture since he was a little fussy, but I will steal one from his dad from a few days before.

Traffic on the way home was a different story... it seems every time I have to drive home on the 401 in the dark there is road closures due to construction... So my 2 hour drive was more like 2.5 hours.
Sunday was a better day... I got up earlier than normal to head to work to get caught up on my volunteer work.. I do the bookkeeping for the Cobourg Museum Foundation... and I was really behind.
On my way home, I decided to stop and get a much needed hair cut.  Not sure if I am 100% satisfied, but it feels lighter so that is definitely good.  Then I got to my stitching... YAH
I watched Season 5 of Star Gate Atlantis and worked on my Blackstone Fantasy Garden... only stopping to change disks and make dinner.  I packed it in just after 11.  Here is a pic of where I am now.  I just love working on this pattern!
On another note, I got my first 5lb milestone in WW this morning... It has taken me just over a month, but honestly I have not been trying like I should be.. hopefully this will give me the motivation to keep at it!
Hope everyone has a great week!!


Beatrice said...

WooHoo It took me almost 4 weeks to lose my first lb soooo goood for you on the 5lb milestone.!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work!!
BFG is looking good!

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the 5#! Keep up the good work! Adorable pic of your little nephew and BFG is progressing well!