Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Long weekend - not for stitching though

Was it just me or could Friday not come soon enough last week!

Unfortunately for my stitching, I still had darts to attend Friday night.

I woke up Saturday morning with a headache (no, not alchol related) so did some running around before I started stitching. I only got half the day in... not as much as I wanted to get in that is for sure. Some cleaning that had been neglected all week had to be done before we left on Sunday.

On Saturday when I did get some stitching in, I worked on Growth Rings again. With every stitch I put in, I keep imagining what other colours would look good.... I can definitely see myself doing this pattern again.

Sunday was not very productive for stitching.  My dear hubby signed us up for mixed double darts and we had to qualify to move on.  I did not care at all if we did so just did my thing... well we can in 2nd.  I guess it helps when you don't have any expectations.  After darts we headed to Peterborough for Valentines day dinner.  I did get some stitching in at the hotel, but not much. 
Monday didn't see much stitching until later in the evening.  We had our energy audit done and that took a good hour of cleaning out crawlspace areas and 3 hours for the actual audit.  Hubby still had his monday night dart league playing, so that gave me the opportunity to actually get some stitching done.
Here are some pics

Growth Rings before weekend:

Growth Rings as of Monday Night
I am also in the TUSAL, and it is time for my second update.
In my ort jar, there is mostly oranage
and blue from Growth Rings, but
there is a little green from Paradigm Lost. 
Now for some non-stitching pics.
When I came home Saturday, my stitching chair was being warmed or taken by Leonard... depending on how you look at it lol.
And so Sheldon doesn't feel left out here is a pic of him in his Pineapple box.. yes you read that right.
If cats own you, you will know that no matter how much money you spend on places for them to sit/lay, they will always like a box or bag more.  We have had this box for months Sheldon loves it... we even put a pillow in it for him.  Yes my cats are spoiled!
Hope everyone had a great Valentines day and Family Day, and hopefully a productive stitching week!


Annie Bee said...

Love the kittie pictures. Your Growth Rings look fabulous.

Carolyn NC said...

Great pics of the kitties! GR looks great!

Kerry said...

Hi there, I love your blog. I was at a cross stitching retreat on Lake Huron this week end and one of the stitchers was working on Fish City. It is a wonderful fun piece and the colours are fantastic. Keep stitching you will love it as you move along. Snow is coming your way it is here right now. I am loving it.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I spy with my little eye... the infamous pineapple box!

Terri said...

That looks great. I haven't been able to find my chart of that.