Monday, June 28, 2010

A partial happy dance

I have been told a few times that one of the nicest thing about Paradigm Lost is that when you finish each motif, especially the larger ones, it is like having a small happy dance.

Well, let me tell you... with this motif I had a Happy Dance.

Paradigm Lost - Motif finished June 27'10

It was a big one!

This weekend I went Antiquing with my mother for the first time.  I guess part of it was being sentimental over my gramma.  We were on the hunt for depression glass called Cornflower... my gramma's favorite.  My mom only has 1 piece and I didn't have any.  We found a few good finds at a couple of different spots.  She bought me a plate for an anniversary present and I picked up some glasses and a rose bowl.  A little while ago I read on a blog about someone using this neat device to keep sissors in...a flower/scissor frog I think it is called.  I have been looking for one ever since.  Well I found the perfect one, and basically it was right in my backyard!

Flower Frog being used as Scissor Frog
The town where I live - Cobourg, Ontario - has a big celebration for Canada Day.  There are craft tents, a midway, an art show etc.  Thursday I am going to venture down and go through the craft tents.  I am on the hunt for a few items, and after a few years of going with my mom or my husband, I have realized it is easier to do it withouth them.  If you are planning on heading down my way let me know and we can say hello.
Then Friday to Sunday I am off to stitch with a couple of amazing ladies.  Poor hubby gets to stay home and study :(
I will hopefully have a status picture to show next week.

Everyone, please have a SAFE and HAPPY Canada Day!!!


Kerry said...

I have the same frog and dish, I bought it at an antique shop in Cambridge, Ontario near where I live. I love it. My Grandma use to put pansies in hers. She would love the idea that we have sissors and pencils!

Cole said...

Happy Canada Day to you too! Enjoy your craft fair time :)

And congrats on the happy dance too!

Carolyn NC said...

I think flower frogs and scissors are about the same thing! Love your PL - a happy dance, indeed!

Kathy A. said...

Happy dancing with you girl! That one is a monster.
Jealous - hunting for scissor frog with no luck!!!

Alberta said...

That is a wonderful motif to happy dance to!

Wishing you a very Happy Canada Day also!

Daffycat said...

*happy dance* It's such a gorgeous motif, Bonnie! Congratulations!

Oooo, pretty frog! Your scissors have such a nice home now.

Karan said...

PL is looking fabulous & well done on finishing the biggie.
Love the scissor frog... must have a trawl round & see if I can find one here, it's a pretty way to display them. :0)
Hope you had a happy Canada Day. :0)

Marcy said...

Congrats on finishing the big medalion - it's lovely! Sounds like you and your mom had a good time out.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Yay! Congrats on finishing that big honkin' motif!!! Looks fantastic!

Love your flower frog, I need to start looking for one.

See you friday!

Rebel In Ontario said...

Nice to know someone thinks I'm "amazing" LOL - just kidding, it was great to see you for the weekend and we will have to do it again.