Sunday, October 24, 2010

An update.... FINALLY

So Dani sent me a message on Windows Live message the other day......

"UR blog is sad and lonely, it needs an update"
Well, I had a big assignment due today, but now it is done, so I will try and make my blog less lonely. Ok so now I have to figure out what I have done in almost a whole month! So I decided to go to the photos on the computer for a reminder

Sept 25'10
This day was an open house for the foundation I am on the board for. We are trying to open for the 2012 celebrations. We received a heritage grant to help us do this! If you are interested in more info, please see our website.
Here is a picture of the limestone building that has been named "the barracks" by the community

Oct 7'10
Right beside where I work is the Ganaraska River in Port Hope, or the Ganny as it is called. In the spring and fall it becomes flooded with fish making their way back up stream to lay eggs. I have always felt that these fish have something against me, because whenever I am told they are running, I never see them. On the 7th, my co-worker Kim told me to get out there and take a look, but to go down stream a bit... WOW!!! am I ever glad I did!! Do you ever feel sorry for these poor fish... very hard work!
Fish swimming up the "Ganny" in Port Hope

Oct 8'10

My hubby and I got tickets for opening night of the Ottawa Senators. They played the Buffalo Sabres, who we saw play in April. Well they did loose, but It was a really great time. This time we got cheap tickets, but I thought they were great since you could see the whole ice.

After the game, we stayed over at Dani's house.

Oct 9'10

Today I joined Dani to her WW meeting (all about thanksgiving dinner). We then picked up the boys (Blair and Todd) and went for breakfast. Then while the Boys played video games, Dani and I got to do some stitching. We also took an hour and went for a really nice block around the area where she lives.

She got some great pics, but here is one that I took
Cow corn

That night we enjoyed amazing Lasagne al la Dani.

Oct 10'10
Today was an early morning as we were still in the Ottawa area, and needed to be home to work on my first BIG assignment for my CGA course. We also stopped in Kingston to get some groceries from Costco.

The assignment took pretty much all day and it was another late night - bed after 11:30
Edit - I got my marks back today (Oct 23rd) ...... 42/50 - Not too bad :)

Oct 11'10

I stayed in my PJ's most of the day and did some stitching. Around 1pm we started on our way to Oshawa for dinner at my mother in law's. We had to take a detour (crazy 401 traffic) but managed to get there only about 15 minutes late. I did get to enjoy some time with my niece and nephew, but didn't take any pictures.

Oct 15th-17th
Friday night I made my way to Rebecca's for her annual stitchy weekend. I arrived just after 7pm and got my area all set up. Dani and Christin arrived soon after.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day of stitching. We were also joined by Kathy, Beatrice, and Barb.
Not really a stitching pic, but I loved Beatrices socks!!

On Sunday, I left around 1pm and we drove to Brighton for an open house for Adriana, Beatrice's 94 year old mom. She is an amazing stitcher, and had no idea how much she has actually done. We all want to grow up to be just like her

Oct 23'10
And we are finally at today!
This morning I slept in a bit, since I had a very late Thursday night (assignment) and a very early Friday morning (Gym). Around 1pm hubby and I got back to work on our 2nd assignment. We finished around 9pm and then I started on this blog :)

This morning I also finished a small x-stich I did for Halloween.
JBW Designs - Halloween
Stitched on cashel linen using Carries Harvest Brew and
Onyz from Sampler threads

I also took pics of all my other WIPS
Before you ask, Yes I have way too many on the go :)

Magnificent Wizard - Dimensions
Also know as Blair stupid dragon

Paradigm Lost - Long Dog

Teresa Wentzler - Castle

Ink Circles - Cirque des Carreaux
Using Carries Autumn Leaves

Ink Circles - Bramble and the Rose

Mom's Scarecrow - Been working on way to long -
but actually got a few stitches in.

Well that is enough for tonight. I am hoping to have a nice relaxing sitchy day tomorrow. Hope you all have a great Sunday


Kathy A. said...

Great, great update girl! Love your WIP's. Didn't realize you had so many though! You are as bad as the rest of us LOL.
Love the photo of Beatrice's socks.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

wow you have been busy, good to see you back at it. Sometimes we all need a message to get us going.
Be always in stitches.

Karan said...

Not surprised you didn't have time to blog! LOL Well done on the assignment marks. Great pics, especially of the fish running. Lovely WIP's & I love the Halloween piece. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. :0)

Beatrice said...

Hey there!!! it was fun looking at your update.
A few of US have been a bit behind in blogging Oh well as long as we keep in touch!!!
ha ha the socks!!!!

Marcy said...

You aren't the only one with lots of wip's! I love your Halloween piece.

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching and pictures!