Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost the end!

It is just over a week since my last blog post.  Not mch happend last week besides lots of work, but the weekend and this week has been better.

On Sunday, I attended Easter dinner at my Aunts house.  I don't get to spend as much time with this side of the family so I was a nice change.  I can't believe how big my cousin's kids are getting!!

My cousin(in-law) and hubby sharing a special moment :)

The easter bunny has stopped by and the kids had fun looking for hidden eggs... minus the 5 I ate on them...shhhhhhh

While they were looking, I spotted these eggs and thought they would make for interesting pictures

Yesturday was my 33rd birthday.  I received some lovely flowers at work!
First the flowers from my Boss showed up

Then about an hour later these showed up from my hubby

Here they are together on my desk

My mom drove down and took Blair and I out for dinner at the Railside in Port Hope.  VERY good food!!
That was about it for my evening.  Hockey kept Blair entertained and I did some stitching.  We will celebrate my birthday either this sunday or next sunday by going for lunch/dinner and a movie.  I also want to stop at pick up a few things I want to buy with my Birthday Money :)

April 26th seems to be a popular birthday.  I share my special day with an uncle, an old neighbour, a guy I played darts with, a friends hubby, and of course with once of my oldest friends, Amy 
For her birthday I made her a scissor fob featuring her 2 wonderful children's birthstones and of course hers (ours).  I then asked her (before she knew she was getting said fob.. i hope) if she had scissors just for embroidery... SHE DIDN"T!!  Well I couldn't let that happen, so I ordered a small pair from the states and hoped they would come in in time.  (They did with a week to spare!)
For some reason, I didnt' take a picture of just her fob (I have pics combined with the ones for my mom) so I will steal her picture from her blog to share with you.

Amy's fob with stones for November and December, plus April

I looked at the PhotoHunt for the week before I went away on the weekend.  This weeks theme was Dusty.  Nothing jumped out at me while out and about so the only thing I could think about was Cavendish Beach, PEI.  Here is a pic of a dune at the beach... hopefully it counts lol
Cavendish Beach, PEI July 18, 2010

On a side note, Tax season will be done on Monday May 2nd... YAH!!!!


Cole said...

Oh goodness.. I can't wait for Monday!!! Five more sleeps, only five more sleeps, we can do it! ;o)

Great pics!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bonnie and many Happy Returns.
Be always in stitches.

Joysze said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :D

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds like your b-day was a lovely day despite it being your craziest time of the year at work!

I love the shot of the egg on the fence post!