Monday, June 13, 2011

Beautiful Georgian Bay

I spent the weekend up at Sheila's (no blog) cottage on beautiful Georgian Bay.

Friday mid morning I was picked up by Rebecca and her mom Sylvia.  We had a short stop at the Lonestar in Whitby for lunch and to pick up chips and Salsa for Kathy.  We arrived around 4pm and after unpacking we made our way down to the main house with our stitching.  Beatrice, Kathy, Dani, and Christin had arrived Thursday and spent most of the day Friday on the deck stitching.  Friday night Sheila's husband BBQ for us and we also had some amazing salads.  Friday night was not a late one.

Saturday morning most of us were up bright and early.  We were soon joined by Ann, Barb, and Clare.  We stitched all day in the porch since it wasn't the greatest day for deck stitching.  Around 7pm we headed off to dinner at a restaurant in Port Severn.  After dinner, back to stitching.  Again, not a late night for most of us.

Sunday I got up a bit earlier as I wanted to take some pictures.  Man was it ever chilly outside!!
I got a few shots in, but not as many as I was hoping for.
Eventually we all headed down to the main house and stitched until just before noon.  We had to vacate the cottage by noon and got most of our stuff packed in the cars.  Around 1pm it was time to say goodbye.

It was an incredible fun packed weekend and can't wait until next year to do it all again.
Actually Dani and I might be heading up there in July when we are on holidays.

 A view from the cottage, looking out at the bay

A view of the cottage, from the water

During the weekend, I only worked on Cirque de Cercles.  Here is a before and after pic.  I didn't think I had done that much but after looking, I did actually get a good chunk done.
Before the weekend

After Sunday night


Rebel In Ontario said...

WOW! You did get lots done. Great pictures.

Annie Bee said...

What a beautiful place to stitch in. So peaceful looking.

Stitchabilities said...

What a beautiful cottage!
And beautiful stitching

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

almost finished, wooo hooo. It is amazing how much you can stitch and not feel like you have even made a dent in the graph. Looks great Bonnie. Glad you all had a great time.
Be always in stitches.

Maureen said...

that is such a gorgeous cottage and am loving the multi-coloured deck chairs!

Karen said...

Great progress! You certainly did get a lot done!

The cottage is absolutely beautiful! What a great place to relax and stitch.

Kathy A. said...

Great pictures girl. We did have an awesome weekend didn't we.
You got a huge amount done on Cirque. Great job.

Beatrice said...

I'm going to send everyone to your blog...You said it all...WE HAD A GREAT TIME !!!!!
Your picture of the cottage is stunning..(umm I stole it for my folder):)

Anna van Schurman said...

CdC is coming along. You need more stitching weekends! Don't we all?

My word verification is "squestr"--shouldn't all stitchers be sequestered? LOL

Lynn said...

Incredible progress on Cirque! Sometimes you just don't realize how many stitches you've put in until a picture is taken.
Glad you had such a fantastic time on the weekend. It's beautiful scenery up there!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you really got a ton done. Grats on all the progress. Sounds like you had a great weekend all the way around!! You have some lovely pics too. It's always fun to get together with stitchy friends!

Bea said...

What a gorgeous place for a stitching retreat!

You made great progress on CdC. What a great design.

Dani - tkdchick said...

It was a wonderful time and you got SOOO much done on CDC