Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quebec City 2011, part 2

Sunday started out like Saturday, but instead of going back to the old city, we headed in the oposite direction.  Last year Blair and I didn't get to see the falls and really wanted to do it this year.  Todd had never been either.

View from the cable car

Bridge over the falls

Looking down over the falls

View from the other side, walkin down the stairs

Dani and I

After, we headed further east and visited the Canyon Ste-Anne. None of us had been there before and it looked really interesting!
Blair about to go over the first bridge at the start of the falls

Water rushing over the start of the falls



After a great late lunch, we headed back to the hotel.  After a short stop we headed back down to the old city.  We looked for a horse and carriage to take us on a ride.  Our driver was much quieter this time which was a shame.  The guy Blair and I had last year was amazing and we learned  a lot  from him.  We wondered around a bit more after our ride and headed down to the lower city for dinnner.  This time we hit an italian resturant with a wood stove.  Again, the food was amazing.  Dani and I both had pizzas done in the wood oven.  After dinner, we walked back along the board walk and then back to the hotel.  It was a long, but amazing day.

The next mornin we had breakfast and then made our way back to Dani and Todd's, and then Blair and I headed home. 

It was a packed, but amazing few days in one of the prettiest towns in Canada.

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Amazing pictures, Bonnie. :)