Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photohunt - Wet/Rain

When I saw the theme for the this week I knew what photo I wanted to post
I just had to find it... and I am so glad I did.

Back in 2008 I went to a corn roast at my cousin's house.  Later in the afternoon, the kids were getting a little restless so John pulled out a bucket, filled it with water, and dumped in a bag of apples.

The kids LOVED it!!

I actually picked 2 pics for today.  They are both of my cousin Christine and John's kids.
Kyle with his first attempt

Katelyn didn't get an apple, but still looked like
a princess :)


Hilde said...

Great pictures. Very cute and they really capture the feeling of the activity.

Beatrice said...

Awww too cute and such fun!