Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photohunt Catch-up - March

Large post for March photohunts.  Please take a look at the last one especially! :)

The theme for March 2nd was Drop
This picture was taken when I was on holidays in Quebec City.  This is from the top of Chute Montmorency.  It is actually higher than Niagara Falls!  There is a bridge that you can walk across to the the other side.  This would be one BIG DROP  :)

The theme for March 9th was Symbolic
This picture was taken during a photo club outing to Toronto.  In my opinion, the CN Tower is very symbolic of the City of Toronto.

The theme for March 16th was Play
This picture was taken during a family vacation to Prince Edward Island.  This huge jumping dome was at the camp ground where we were staying.  My little nephew Elijah just LOVED playing on this thing!

The theme for March 23rd was Spicy!
FUNNY FUNNY STORY with this picture!  My boss decided to get the office manager good when she was on holidays.  So, when he was on holidays we had to retaliate!  We went from calm to outrageous one day and came up with this.  This picture was our boss's computer wall paper when he arrived back from work.  The picture on the TV is actually a video from LMFAO called "Sexy and I know it"  That is me with the pink socks ;)  Oh and by the way, no beer was actually consumed in the making of this picture


ancient one said...

you are a better woman than me... some weeks I'm busy and just skip... Good job on all the photos!!

Bea said...

Loved the last picture! The one for "drop" is great. I have a "thing" about heights and I got whoozy just looking at that. Wonderful pictures.