Monday, July 23, 2012

July IHSW ~ post-weekend

Well little stitching actually got done this weekend, but I had a  feeling that would be how it was to go.

Here is a before an a couple of after pics of what I did get done
Before weekend

After weekend

Close up of after  weekend
I am on holidays this week, but not sure how much stitching I will get done.  Today was a Movie day with my hubby.  First we saw The Dark Night Rises (no words to express my sadness at the tragic loss of life in Colorado), then after lunch we saw the new Spider man Movie.  Tomorrow we are off somewhere, but not sure where as of yet...   guess we should decide soon LOL.  I  was on holidays last week  as well.  I had hoped  to do a post of pics from my trip to Orillia with my Mom, but the card in my camera go corrupted after I got home, and lost them all.  Oh well, could have been worse and happened at an important event.
Hope you all have a great week!


sharine said...

It looks awesome.

Bea said...

Bonnie, it's good progress. Did you get your assignment done?

Claudette497 said...

He's really coming to life!

Anonymous said...

You got quite a bit done. I always find stitching on a dark color takes me a bit longer.

Unknown said...

Love this kit, I think I have it somewhere in my stash as well, lol. Your stitching is fantastic, it is looking great!


Anne said...

Progress is progress :D It's looking good so far!

Marcy said...

He's looking great! Every bit of stitching gets you to the finish.