Sunday, August 26, 2012

Linen, silk, fruit, and flowers

I'm down to crunch time before my exam... 4 days to go now!
I did take a little break from studying on Saturday though
This year marks the 4th anniversary of me going to the Knowledge and Needles open house. This event is very near and dear to my heart so I was happy not to miss it!
I looked up 4th anniversary on Wikipedia and found the traditional gifts kind of amusing. For the US it is Linen or Silk. For the UK it is fruit and flowers.
I didn't buy linen or silks, but did get some evenweave and got to fondle Christins silk that she got for a birthday present. Since I have been busy, I picked up my potluck contribution from the grocery store, and it included a fruit tray. While there I also gave Ann a bouquet of sunflowers
Sorry if some of you don't find this amusing... My brain is mush these days and filled with auditing terms lol
I did take some pictures of the finished work but I haven't had time to get them off my camera... I will save that for next week. So I will leave you with pics of what I worked on, and what I was "polite" enough to purchase from the shop

Autumn as of last night... Getting closer! I'm expecting a happy dance on the weekend

All the mandalas to date
And now for the purchases :)

Well that is it for today. I am going to relax for a bit and then off to dinner with my hubby to celebrate our anniversary (which is tomorrow)

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Bea said...

Sounds like you covered all the bases for the anniversary!

Love your new stash, especially the opalescent fabric and those wonderful flosses.

I'm glad you're taking breaks from the studying. It's necessary and you'll do much better on your exam. Good luck!

Kaisievic said...

Lovely new stash and your mandalas are looking great.

Kaisievic said...

P.S. Good luck with your exam.

sharine said...

Great new stash. The mandalas look awesome.

Giovanna said...

Lovely new stash, and wonderful progress on the mandalas. All the best for the exam.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching. Sounds wonderful.

Lesleyanne said...

Your mandalas look gorgeous. Good luck with the exam. Great new stash.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Autumn looks awesome I think I'm going to take advantage of the fact you can't work on yours this week and see if I can get caught up! HA!

Lillie said...

I think your gifts are wonderful. Great stashing there, enjoy and good luck in your exams!

Lynn said...

Oooh, you are sooo close to a finish! Better watch it, Dani is hot on your trail, lol!
It looks fabulous Bonnie. Autumn is my favourite of the four.
Love your new stash additions. I purchased Sheltering Tree on my last visit to Ann's.
Good luck with your exam.

Joysze said...

Hope your exams are going well, Bonnie.

Ooooooh, new stash looks awesome and you're almost done with those mandalas!!! :D