Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labour of Love

Last weekend I spent the entire weekend on my butt and enjoyed every minute of it!
I went to Kathy's  for the weekend and hung out with some stitching friends including Beatrice, Christin, and Dani

Here are some pics from the weekend

Angie and Fran in the back, Kim in the front

Judie on the left, Kathy our wonderful hostess on the right

Clockwise: Beth, Adriana, and Fran

Counter Clockwise: Judie, Christin, and Beatrice

Speaking of Adriana, here she is stitching up a storm..
can you believe she turned 96 this year!

On Sunday, 8 of us went for dinner at Kathy's favourite restaurant, the Lone Star
As we were finishing up, Dani mentioned sharing a desert.  Since I had never had deep fried ice cream, we just had to do it.

Dani, me, and Christin about to dig in

The aftermath... it was very yummy!


Karyn said...

Oh Bonnie, what an awesome treat that was, I just love seeing pics of dear friends!
You are so lucky to have had such a treat, to hang with your girls and stitch to your hearts content.
I loved the post, and have to say that you galss "up north" have the best times ever...I want to live there too :) Not one stitcher anywhere around me.
btw...I adore Kathy's ladies on the wall behind Julie in the pic.
Thanks for the share

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fine time was had by all. I take it the ice cream was good too by the looks of the empty plate. LOL

Lesleyanne said...

Looks like you all had a great time.

Bea said...

Looks like you had the best kind of weekend, you lucky woman.

And that poor ice cream - totally demolished! Must have been good.