Saturday, October 13, 2012

Photohunt - Empty

This theme for this week is Empty

This picture was taken on my holidays this year when I spent a couple of days in Orillia

These are known as the Leacock chairs.  The link is there in case you want to know more about them.

Empty chair -
Hopefully they stay empty so no one marks the amazing art work


Anonymous said...

So cute!

I love these public art projects. So far we have had LizArt (lizards) and Arty-gators (alligators).

Down in Lakeland they had Swansea (swans). Swans are the logo for Lakeland. Our son's college did several and they were adorable! I particularly liked the flamingo. His name? "This is not a swan" LOL

Bea said...

Great looking chair. Public art projects are always great - people can be so creative.

Dani - tkdchick said...

So pretty!

bing said...

really creative piece of art! must be very pretty to see them in person.

Vicki said...

There are so many telented people around. I can never even think of an idea like this. Is lovely.