Friday, November 9, 2012

Off I go!!

In a few moments I am off for the annual Knowledge and Needles fall retreat
My car is packed

I have my stitching bag, my Ott light, my collapsible foot stool, my ornament for the exchange, food, and clothes
Have I forgotten anything??
Hope you all have a great weekend!  I am sure I will and I know hubby has a weekend of doing nothing planned.  


Anonymous said...

Me! You forgot ME! However, I would rather sit up front, if you don't mind. The trunk looks a tad cramped.

Bonnie said...

Have a good time. Happy stitching!!!

Melody said...

I don't know who I'm more jealous for going to the stitching retreat, or your hubby for having a weekend of doing nothing, lol. Have fun!! :)

Kaisievic said...

Have fun!

Bea said...

Have a wonderful retreat and let that needle fly!

Unknown said...

It all fit!!!