Sunday, June 30, 2013

Goals July 2013

So I realized a few weeks ago that I missed the post to conclude my May goals and set up my June ones.... WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING???

May 2013 goals
1) Start Fortunate Traveller DONE
2) Stitch an ornament DONE
3) Start review kit. DONE
4) work on 2 WIPS DONE

So for a month that I forgot about and rarely blogged I actually managed to accomplish my goals!

For June the onto thing I can say is I stitched my monthly ornament. I posted it earlier this week.

So.... Lets try this again!

July 2013 goals
1) Finish ABC Christmas if not done today
2) Stitch an ornament
3) While on holidays, spend at least a few hours cleaning up stash room
4) after 1) is complete, decide on WIP to be next focus piece

Well I think that it about it for today. Enjoy your Sunday!

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Fiona said...

Nice goals for July and congrats on completing lk Christmas abc's :)