Saturday, November 9, 2013


Since dating, living with, and marrying Blair, I have become a bigger and bigger hockey fan.

Years ago, before I had a head on my shoulders (aka brain), I cheered for the yard waste.  Since being with Blair, I have turned to the Ottawa Senators and happy I did.

Over the past few years, Blair and I have attended some games in Ottawa.  Nothing like seeing an NHL game live..... oh ya... a Playoff game Live!!

Here are some pics from the past few games we attended

Warm-ups during the home opener

I often wonder what these guys talk about during warm-up
I know.. I'm strange

Playing with camera - showing red only

WOOT we won!

The mascot, Sparty, celebrating the win

Warm ups during the 2nd home game.
I have my own Heritage Jersey now

2nd home game was against Edmonton.  We lost :(

Are you a hockey fan?  What team do you cheer?  If not a hockey fan, any other pro sport team you cheer for?


Shelly said...

Hockey fan of the Phoenix Coyotes!! Lol. My daughter and I love hockey. I'll watch any game that's on. My daughter also says I'm a traitor because the second team I like are the Detroit Red Wings, who happen to be our arch-nemesis. We like to watch pro football too.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Tampa Bay Lightning!

Got tickets to see TB vs. Montreal and TB vs. Philadelphia Flyers. Steve is still a Flyers fan.

We also follow NFL football --- Eagles for him. Tampa Bay Buccaneers for me. Both of us are having a HARD year. :-(

Anonymous said...

Oh ......forgot to add football. University of Central Florida for me. Temple University for Steve.

We are going to Philadelphia next week to catch the UCF/Temple game.

Cole said...

We're definitely a hockey family! Oilers are the number one team for us, but my kids got lost somewhere along the way, they cheer for the Flames, lol ;)

sharine said...

Hockey looks like such an exciting game. Being in Australia I follow AFL and go for the Collingwood Magpies:)