Friday, November 15, 2013

I will miss you

On Sunday a dear friend of mine passed away.  Today I say good bye to her.

Her name was Adriana Valks and she was my friend Beatrice's mom.

I don't know the exact day I met this wonderful lady, but I think it was around the first time I went to Kathy's weekend back in 2009.  Speaking of Kathy, Adriana taught her how to stitch :)

Adriana was 97 years old when she left us.

Here are some pictures I have of this amazing lady, doing what I will always remember her doing, and that is stitching

Back in 2010, Ann of Knowledge and Needles held an open house to display some of the many pieces of artwork she stitched.  Here are some of them

Adriana, I will miss you dearly.


sharine said...


AnnMcD said...

We will all miss her so much!
Lovely post Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

We all have such great memories of a special lady.
I was not able to say my farewell today in person today.


Lynn said...

I was only fortunate enough to have met Adriana a couple of times. She was a lovely lady and I admired her work very much. This is a great tribute to her. I know she will be greatly missed.