Monday, January 13, 2014

Things with wings - WU Jan 11'14

The them last week was something with wings.
This gave me the opportunity to pull out Fortunate Traveller again :)

I am following Teresa's instructions which meant working on the inner border. There are a TON of eyelets in there!

It's hard to see here, but I've gotten one colour done to the other corner, and started filling in the other 2 colours of eyelets, and started on the lazy dazies.

Saturday I was out most of the day with errands. When I got home I really didn't feel like doing more eyelets, so put FT away and pulled out my HAED
this is where I was as of Saturday night

This theme this week is Hardest Project. Not sure yet what I will work on.
Q: How would you determine what your hardest project is?

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AnnMcD said...

Hardest is either something that is a TW or is an over one and requires a magnifier!

sharine said...

The TW one if it was out of these two choices(at least for me lol).

Fiona said...

I find that I call my hardest project the one that I am the least motivated to do, whether it's because it contains a lot of confetti stitching, too many similar colours, huge blocks of the same colour or lots of specialty stitches.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Well the eyelets do look great!

Anonymous said...

Great progress! Hardest project is a tough one. For me at the moment it would be one with lots of colour changes, multiple colours in one stitch and blending filament.

Hardest projects overall are ones with large areas of counting. I always miscount (and frog... and miscount and frog, sigh).