Monday, October 13, 2014


I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since TUSAL in September! I was at my moms for Thanksgiving dinner tonight and she kindly reminded me I needed to update ;)

Since then I have been busy with school work, but have also found some time to stitch

If you follow me on Instagram (bbrown426) you will have noticed I had a happy dance 2 weeks ago!

I then pulled out Snowy Christmas from AuryTM.
I managed to get it finished too, on October 5 to be exact

Since then I haven't really settled into one project. I worked on my autumn leaves for a bit, started an ornament, worked in my AAN Halloween town, then decided to start something new.

I have had everything ready for Lizzie Kate's Holley and Hearts mystery since the 3rd part was released. I started it on Saturday.
Here is my progress as of this afternoon.

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Becca said...

Congrats on the finish, it's beautiful!

Blu said...

Gorgeous finishes! I love colours of the Ink Circle one.

Shelly said...

Wow, two great finishes. Congrats!

Brenda A said...

I follow you on instagram and didn't realize you had a blog, so hi! ANd yay a finish!