Monday, January 5, 2015

TUSAL final 2014

For some time, I have been posting for the TUSAL post. At the end of each year I would just throw my orts out.
For the past years I have made ornaments out of them.
Here is a look at my orts for the entire year, and the ornament I made out of them

I will also be participating in TUSAL again this year :)
Have no idea what this is all about? Here is Daffycat's blog post to tell you all about it!

Are you participating this year???

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Mindy said...

I do that with my orts, too. I have a few ornaments that are specific projects, and when I look at them I remember which they were from the colors. Yours look great!

Lianne said...

Great idea Bonnie! My orts at the end of the month make a really tiny pile as I use every thread to the bitter end. I have kept all of my orts since I started stitching, they are in a depression era cookie jar in my living room. Maybe this year I will join in the TUSAL.

Bea said...

I'm in. This year I am determined to make some progress on my WIPs, even if I have to glue my stitchy bug to the wall!

Sheryl said...

What a good idea, the orts look really pretty

Deb said...

I have been doing ornaments with my orts for a few years, they always look so colorful. Happy Stitching

Anonymous said...

Your orts look so pretty in their ornament.

I think I might just borrow your idea! :-)