Monday, February 6, 2017

2017 Week 5 - The stitching that wasn't

Well my friends, I don't have much of an up update today... not much at all!

This past week was absolutely insane... with work, my Uni course, and overall feeling exhausted. The first time I even thought about stitching was Saturday, and then I didn't even pull a WIP out.

On Sunday, late afternoon, I finally pulled out a WIP and managed to get a few stitches in.

So... I have decided to keep out the WIP, Cirque des Coeurs, for an extra week just to make sure it actually felt loved.

I haven't taken a pic of my measly few stitches, but here is where it was the last time I posted.

Fingers crossed I can get the bottom outline done!

Hope everyone is well, and catch you all next week!

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blue star stitcher said...

Love those hearts along the border, I don't think I have seen this piece before.

Mii Stitch said...

That's a beautiful project to be working on :)

Bea said...

Terrific choice. Such a busy, busy time of year for you - keep breathing!