Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Weeks 12 and 13 - Falling leaves

After retreat, I knew with work and Uni, my schedule would be increasing, and my stitching time would be decreasing.  With this fact, I have decided to not worry about a rotation, and just stitch on what I want.  May 1st will bring a new start (no spoilers) and the return of my rotation.

At retreat, I was asked a few times about my Autumn Leaves, which didn't travel with me this time.
So, I knew this was the first project I wanted to work on during my non-rotation.

Here is where I started
After 2 weeks, this project is going to sleep for a bit.  But not too long, as it is a goal of mine to finish this by the end of the year!
Here is my progress as of today


Justine said...

Great progress! This is such a beautiful stitch, I hope you can finish it this year.

Mii Stitch said...

Very good progress on a beautiful design! The colours are gorgeous!

Lianne said...

Love the colours and the mystery man ;) ....!