Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2018 Week 1 - New Year, New Start

For some reason, this post never left draft stage.
So instead of editing, I'm going to post as is
We are officially through the first week of January! What a week it has been. 

On January 1st, as I said in my 2018 goals, I started Dragons of Sumatra
I managed to get a good start on this.

I still haven't decided on a rotation for this year.  Last year I based it on the school week, but since that is over now, I seem to be a mess with anything organizational or date related... weird how that works!
Do you use a rotation?  If you do can you explain it.
If you don't, how do you decide what to work on?


Faith... said...

This is a beautiful piece!

For my rotation I work on a piece for a week and then I pack it up with all it's supplies and put that one in the back of my WIP box and pull out the one in the front of the box to work on. I do make exceptions for SAL pieces and I try to stitch then up right away. Look forward to seeing what your rotation will be and good luck!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous work. DMC 115 by any chance?

My rotation starts on the 26th with The Enchanted Alphabet. Then I stitch my Zodiac block so it's done by the 1st Saturday of the next month. Then my Christmas piece, then my Hallowe'en piece, then my Just Nan SAL. These should be done by 10/12th of the month which leaves me 2 weeks to focus on one main piece until we reach the 26th again.

I also have my 10-a-day, my 30-a-day, my Temperature SAL and my bath-time stitching.

Not complicated at all!!