Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 2018 - Goals/Plans

I still don't have a set rotation, but going to try for monthly goals or plans instead.

I thought if I actually get them done on paper, they might just stick :)
These are posted a little late, but have mostly been the plan since the first.

1)   Ornament a month - I am planning to work on another from the Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings.  I found some mushroom fabric that should work better.

2)   Year in Chalk - I am planning to work on March.  The goal is to get these done one month ahead.  Its all kitted and ready to go.

3)   Focus piece - Coffee Quaker - would like to see this done in February.  This shouldn't be an issue if I stay focused on it.

4)   After I finish Coffee, I would like to start the Long Dog mystery.  I have decided on my fabric and thread, and have ordered the fabric (I need a fat half so couldn't work from stash).  This is a 12 part series, and I would like to get 1 part done per month.

5)    Next focus piece should be Cirque des Coeur.  If I could just focus on this, I could finally get it done!

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