Saturday, March 17, 2018


The 17th is another new moon, which means it's TUSAL time!
Did you know there was a facebook group now?  Great for reminders!
Need help on what the heck TUSAL is?  Follow the link to Daffycat's Blog

Since the last post I have made some progress on my stitching

Here is my TUSAL pics
Top left - Monthly before they were dumped
Bottom Left - monthly after they were dumped
Top right - Year to date
Bottom Left - Travel orts
Ever get the feeling some of your orts have disappeared?  I thought I did more stitching in the past month, but I guess when you use a lot of one colour they just don't accumulate.

The next TUSAL is April 16th.  I sense a lot of purple :)


Jeetje said...


deb said...

Travel orts! For some reason, that struck me as funny, but of course it makes a lot of sense. Perhaps little imps are running off with some of your thread bits, but those look like nice accumulations to me.

Anonymous said...

That's STILL a lot of orts!

Faith... said...

I call disappearing orts good use of your floss! Means you used your floss almost to the end!

Daffycat said...

Great ORTs, Bonnie! I’ve been known to pull an ORT out to correct a stitch...and then feel bad for using it, lol!