Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 14 - On track

Monday I pulled out Valentina for Ink Circles Monday.  I need to get a 2nd skein to finish, so this probably won't appear again for a few weeks.  I have another small Ink Circles kitted that can become my travel/Ink Circles Monday project for April.
Ink Circles - Valentina
WDW - Islamorada
Tuesday it was back to May Year in Chalk (Which I started on Sunday) and finished it Wednesday night. (Sorry about the pic... hasn't been ironed yet)
Year in Chalk (May) from Hands On Design
32ct Linen in Slate from Fabrics by Stephanie
GAST chalk and mistletoe
Next up this week is Part 2 of Sneek - The Long Dog Mystery SAL.
This is where you last saw it
Long Dog - Sneek (Mystery SAL
Part 1
Here is the progress on part 2

This week I plan to continue on with Sneek.
I still have my ornament to do as well before the end of April.


Faith... said...

I love your Long Dog piece, so pretty! Looking forward to seeing more of Valentina

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the effect of the white thread on the blue fabric. Such a pretty design too.