Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 2018 Plans Update

Lets see how I made out for April... historically my busiest month at work

1) ORNAMENT A MONTH - YES and done
  • I continued with the Tiny Tidings series
Two Houses - Tiny TidingsXXII from Lizzie Kate
Called for weeks, 32ct mushroom lugana
2) YEAR IN CHALK - YES and done
  • I started Mays YIC on April 1st and finished April 4
Year in Chalk (May) from Hands On Design
32ct Linen in Slate from Fabrics by Stephanie
GAST chalk and mistletoe

3) SAL - Long Dog Samplers Mystery - Sneek - YES and done
  • Pulled out part 2 after finishing YIC, and finished on the 15th

  • After looking over my WIPS, I decided to pull out Tapestry from Ink Circles
    This is where it was when I started
  • and this is where I was as of Saturday when It went in the WIP pile once again

5) INK CIRCLES MONDAY (#ICM) - participated in 4/5 Mondays
  • April 2nd - Worked on Valentina

  • April 9th - NOPE.  Work kicked my ass and went to bed early without stitching AT ALL
  • April 16th - Started Oscar's Corsage.  This will be my new travel project/ICM project until I can get some more thread for Valentina, and then again after Valentina is finished.

  • April 23rd - Kept going with Tapestry, since it was out from the weekend

  • April 30th - got home at a decent time and pulled Oscar's Corsage back out
How did you do in April?  Accomplish your goals?


Justine said...

A great month's stitching! May is going to a very busy month for me both at work and at home but I'm determined to stitch every day!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on all your projects, especially the Ink Circles.