Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week 19 - Stitching and Margaritas

A day last this time... what can I say.. Adulting is hard

Here is a re-cap of my week

On Monday, I worked on Dragons for Ink Circles Monday.  Only a tiny bit of border got done

Tuesday I worked on my Lizzie Kate ornament, and finished it on Wednesday
Snowy House - Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XXII
WDW and 32ct mushroom
Saturday, I finished Merry Christmas V2.0.  Looks so much better on Mushroom!
Merry Christmas - Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XXII
WDW, DMC, 32ct Mushroom
Saturday I also pulled out and finished week 3 on the Blackwork Tangram SAL from Lakeside Needlecraft and Peppermint Purple
Blackwork Tangram SAL - Weeks 1-3
As you can see, no stitching on Thursday or Friday.  I can't remember what happened on Thursday, but Friday I met up with some ladies and attended the Girls Night out in Cobourg.
It was a fun night!

On our way to a pottery class, post 1 martini :)

El Camino in Cobourg makes amazing Margaritas! 
My favourite is the Black Margarita


Beth in IL said...

Love your blackwork piece. Colors on it are great.

deb said...

Love that rich red overdyed you're using for the Ink Circles piece! Lovely stitching.