Monday, June 11, 2018

Week 23 - ornaments, ikea, and buskers

Monday and Wednesday I worked on and finished my June ornament.
Its a freebie from Barbara Anna Designs
Let it snow - Barbara Anna Designs
Called for DMC, mystery 32ct fabric

No stitching on Tuesday, and I travelled to Whitby to the closest Ikea Pick up point.  Unfortunately, the closest store is over an hour away.
I have been wanting to get some Kallax units for the living room for a while.  I finally saved some money, and then I needed new glasses...
So I managed to do it again and jumped on it, before something else came up.
Once my stitching area is all set up again, I will share pics

Thursday I worked on my Blackwork Tangram again.  Wasn't that done you are asking?... well yes, but I decided to add a border to it
Blackwork Tangram - Peppermint Purple
Called for DMC, border made by me, from another PP design

Saturday was the annual Busker Festival in my town.  I spent a few hours taking it all in.  It was also World Wide Knit in Public Day, so I joined in while I people watched.
Saturday afternoon I went to visit a friend, Kathy.  While there I worked on my July Year in Chalk.

Sunday, after my 2nd knitting class, I continued to work on July year in Chalk.. It was a slow day, but am almost done!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice snowman finish and I really like the border you've added to the Blackwork, especially the turquoise parts.

Justine said...

How funny stitching snowmen in June! I like your Blackwork SAL, you chose lovely colours.

Faith... said...

What a cute snowman! Love how you added the border to your tangram.