Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 2018 plans

Well Hello August!

I hope with your arrival, my stitchy bug comes back to hang out!  Since July was so crazy, I am reducing my plans for August.  If I do more... GREAT!

  • Not sure what it will be, but I know it will be small and easy.  I also hope to get 2 done this month... so I'm back on track
  • September is up next
  • I am currently in 3 SAL's... although only actively in 2... The Dutch Tile SAL and the Long Dog Sal.
  • I will try and get a part on each, but will be happy with getting a part on at least one
  • I had a goal to finish by a specific date, but I don't' think that is possible now.  I am going to try and focus on this until that date to see how far I can get.  After that... no matter if it is done or not, I will be able to post pics :)
That's it!
Lets hope my update has more to offer than July did!!!


Christine Williams said...

July's crazy must have hit a few of us! I certainly was thrown off a bit too. Your August still has a fair bit cracking on. It should be a productive month for you!

xstitching_leopard said...

Wow! I haven’t stitched much either! I have been super busy. Thanks for sharing - this might help push me to stitch. I feel when it’s hot out I don’t like to stitch. That’s just me 😃

Anonymous said...

I'm late to reading this post ......hope August was a good month for stitching and that September will be EVEN BETTER!