Tuesday, October 2, 2018

September 2018 update

I reduced my plans in September to try and get back on track.  I have come to realize the success I had for the first 6 months is just not going to happen at the moment.  I have come to be be okay with it though... as many things have changed.

Lets see how I did do in September:

1) Ornament a month - KINDA
  • I wanted to get caught up with ornaments, but that didn't happen
  • I did get ONE down however, so I'm happy with that... especially since I even finished it!
Polar Bear Ornament - Durene Jones
2) Year in Chalk - YES
  • This is something I have been able to keep up with !  October was done early into the month.  It still needs to be ironed and laced.
Year in Chalk - October
Hands on Design
Fabrics by Stephanie - 32ct linen slate
3) Dutch Tile SAL - YES
  • I managed to get the 6th part done, and am working on the first tile on the 7th.  I call this a win
Dutch Tile SAL - Peppermint Purple/Lakeside Needlecraft
4) WIP - NO
  • I really only stuck to the items above, so no other WIPS were really worked on.  I did pull out Canada sampler for a bit, but it didn't hold my attention.

I have been doing some knitting as well this month.  I actually finished my first pair of socks on the 30th!  I can't wait to cast on my 2nd pair :)

I also participated in the charity KAL at my local store, and did a knitted knocker.  This was the first time using DPN's.... not a fan.... not a fan.

I also have 2 shawls on the go... the ardent and the hitchhiker beyond.


Anonymous said...

Dutch Tile is such a beautiful project.

Sasha said...

Your work is all so lovely! I especially like the dutch tiles. They are amazing!

Cole said...

Oh socks! They are my favorite to work on, you did an awesome job!

Pattie davidson said...

Bonnie we are doing these knockers at our church and have found that they are easier to crochet. Go to the website Knitted and the instructions are there.. We have made them for our cancer center and they go really fast! Good Luck

ricketyjo said...

Everything looks great, seems like you've been a busy bee!