Thursday, January 31, 2019

2018 Catch up

Where did the last 3 months of 2018 go?  I swear I still can't figure it out!

So I have finally managed to get around to getting a 2018 catch up post done.  I hope I don't miss anything

  • Oct 7'18 - Finished the Dutch Tile SAL.  I REALLY enjoyed this! and can't wait to do another SAL with Peppermint Purple.

  • Oct 14'18 - Finished November Year in Chalk

  • Oct 20'18 - Finished the Durene Jones cat freebie which at the retreat in Michigan (which was awesome, and I have already signed up for next year)

  • Nov 2'18 - Finished December Year in Chalk

  • Nov 3'18 - While at retreat, I stitched up the Whatever Bitch Unicorn for myself.  I had an extra piece of fabric with me, so Christin stole it and did one for herself.

  • Nov 11'18 - FINALLY got around to starting my "Unicorn" pattern, The Red and The Black from Prairie Moon.  I will be doing this on white with a teal accent to hopefully match my stash room some day.

  • Dec 26'18 - For the past few years, my friend Becca and I have done a SAL together that starts on the 26 (cause we couldn't wait to do a new start on the 1st of January).  Last year we talked our friend Trista into joining us with Coffee Quaker.  This year, we were talking about it at retreat, and it turned into a bigger SAL.  Dani, Christin, Rebecca, Trista, and Kathy to name a few joined in.

  • I also kept my ORTS all year and made into my yearly ornament.  This year I found some cute shaped ornaments to stuff the little bits into.

  • Oct 3'18 - Finished first pair of socks (I called them Orange Vanilla)

  • Nov 10'18 - Finished 2nd pair of socks and hitchhicker beyond shawl

  • Dec 16'18 - Finished first hat, the volcan hat (named for the yarn)

  • Dec 23'18 - Finished 3rd pair of socks, my fairy lights socks

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Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

Is it okay if I scream here? EVERYTHING IS SO GORGEOUS! I love how you ended up getting more people involved in a sal! It's so fun when that happens :D