Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 WIPS and general plans

Like many of us, I carried some WIPs into this year.
Here is what I have going into 2019 with their start dates

  • Pre ‘17 - Buen Appetito (Charting Creations)
  • Jan 1’17 - Canada Sampler (Stitchrovia)
  • Feb 20’17 - Tapestry (Ink Circles)
  • May 1’17 - Fantasy Triptych (TW)
  • Jan 1’18 - Dragons of Sumatra (Ink Circles)
  • Mar 6’18 - Sneek SAL (Long Dog Samplers)
  • Mar 15’18 - Death by Cross Stitch (Long Dog Samplers)
  • June 16’18 - Prickly but cute (Fuzzy Fox)
  • Nov 10’18 - The Red and The Black I (Prairie Moon)
  • Dec 26’18 - Dark Shards (Ink Circles)

General Plans

  • BLOG - Since starting a new job in January, I find I have less time to do the small things.  This includes keeping up with my blog.  I would like to continue though, but don't know a schedule yet.  I will try to at least update monthly... but would LOVE to get back to weekly posts.  Maybe I will find a happy medium?
  • STARTS - This year I am not limiting myself to new starts.  If I want to start, I'm going to start.  Doesn't mean I am going to start all the things, but since stitching is my joy, I don't want to limit myself.
  • SALS 
    • I did do a January 1st new start with friends Christin, Becca, Dani, and Dale.  This will be in my January update
    • I am also going to take part in the peppermint purple SAL from Lakeside needlework.  I can't wait to start it in early February
  • Monthly ornament - I would like to still try and do an ornament a month

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