Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 2020 plans, January check in

February 2020 Plans/Goals
This is what I hope to do/accomplish in February
  • Stitch an ornament
  • Stitch on 2nd saying block on Words to live by (Part 3)
  • Keep up to date with the PP 52 week SAL
  • Make more progress on Tapestry (maybe even see a finish???)

January Check-In
Lets check in with my January plans:

  • Start Let it Snow - SAL with Dani, Christin, Kathy, Becca - YES! and its finished

  • Stitch an ornament - YES! and its finished

  • Stitch on First saying block (Technically part 2) on Words to live by - YES! and its finished

  • Make progress on one of my older WIPS - Canada Sampler or Tapestry
    • I decided to pull out tapestry and this is where I got by the end of the month

    • While I tried to be good... I did start the 52 week SAL that I added in the first January update.  At least it wasn't all the things :)
  • Edit: Start the 52 week SAL from Peppermint Purple and keep up to date - Started.
    • Weeks 1 - 5 DONE


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wonderful work. I love Let It Snow on that dotty fabric.

Cathy said...

You have some very nice stitching to show this month! And you met all but your not starting anything goal. Peppermint Purple's SAL is worth failing that one!

Hazel said...

Love those finishes you’ve done really well. I need to start making goals again. X