Thursday, April 2, 2020

April 2020 Plans, March check in

April 2020 Plans/Goals
This is what I hope to do/accomplish in April
  • Stitch an ornament - Still need to decide on which one
  • Stitch on 4th saying block on Words to live by (Part 5)
  • Keep up to date with the PP 52 week SAL
  • WIP??

Now lets see how I did with March

March 2020 Plans/Goals
  • Stitch an ornament - YES

  • Stitch on 3rd saying block on Words to live by (Part 4) - YES

  • Keep up to date with the PP 52 week SAL - YES

  • WIP?? - I pulled out Ink Circles Castle walls.  I managed to get a page finish

I hope you are being safe and healthy.  Stay strong and Stay home!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work. The Blackwork SAL is growing nicely and Ink Circles looks good too.

Christine Williams said...

Wow you had a hot little needle in April! Everything is looking lovely. That statement of the month, doesn't get much more true. How are you keeping lately?

Anonymous said...

Ciao 🤗
per inaugurare il mio blog " Le rose di cristallo "
ho deciso di organizzare un SAL DI BENVENUTO 🌸
Se vuoi dare un occhiata ne sarei felice 🥳
Ti lascio il link... così potrai decidere.
A presto