Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flowers and weekend

Monday was my Birthday.  My hubby sent me flowers at work
Here is what they looked like on Monday.
And here they are on Thursday

I also received a Plant from my work

(left) from Blair, (middle) card from co-worker, (right) plant from work

Friday night after work I had my last night of Darts for the season.  I didn't do too badly and even got a double out during our games.  We then found out after winning the last game that my team was tied with my husbands team.  We then had to play one game to decide 1st place in division B.  Well.... I have bragging rights for the rest of the summer!  Our team beat his team, and I was the one who got the double out!!  WOOT!!

Saturday morning I got up and drove to Rebecca's.  Just after 10am, we went to the Cataraqui Guild of Needle Arts "Needle Arts Fair" in Kingston.  We of course stopped by Ann's booth.  We looked around at the other vendors and took a look at the gallery from the guild.  After a light lunch provided by the guild, we then made a stop at Michaels and then went to the Cataraqui Mall.  After that I got a tour of the Theatre where Rebecca works.  Very nice place.

Finally we headed back to Rebecca's place where another stitcher Trista was waiting for us.  We prepared dinner and then starting to stitch.  Dani (who had been helping Ann) and Christin came over after dinner and stitched with us for the evening.  This morning Rebecca and I stitched, had breakfast and then stitched some more.  Dani and Christin joined us again and we stitched, ate lunch, and stitched some more.  Around 3pm this afternoon I decided it was time to head home.  What a great weekend after a long tax filled month!

Here is my progress on Kaliedescope after this weekend

Whole design

Close up of area stitched

Hope everyone has a great week!  I know for me it will probably be longer than normal since I have another big stitching weeeknd ahead!


Kathy A. said...

Belated but heartfelt Birthday wishes Bonnie!
Sounds like a fun weekend. Hope to see you next weekend.

Hillery said...

Wow, your ink circles is stitching up so quickly. Keep going. Can't wait to see more.

Karan said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you. Beautiful flowers & sounds like you had a lovely break. Great progress on Kaleidoscope. :0)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Bonnie I hope your b-day was a special one! Well done on getting darts bragging rights over your hubby!

It was great to see you this past weekend, you go so much done on your IC!!!

Can't wait to see you Friday night!