Monday, November 8, 2010

Adventures in Puppy Sitting - Day 4

Well I finished the CGA assignemnt and submitted it.  I almost forgot to submit the last one, and didn't want to make that mistake again!

Peru had a good night and only heard some wimpering early this morning.
He did however have a horrible ride with me to work.  I am not sure if he hates the car ride or being in a smaller crate, but he hates something.  On the way home, after picking up my husband, I made him drive while I held the puppy on the way home.  Much quieter for us and less stressful on him.  Poor little guy!!

Last night i did manage to take some pics of him.  I looked at the photohunt for the week and it is alive.

Here are some pics


Marcy said...

Peru is too cute. Puppies are such a handful but you seem to be doing well with him.

Karan said...

He really is a cutie. :0)