Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last weekend DH and I went on a camping trip.  We went somewhere I have never been, but heard was beautiful.
We went to Algonquin Park
Friday morning we were out of the house around 9am and started the 4hr drive.  Check in is 2pm and we wanted as much time there as possible.  We drove right through until we hit a little town called Whitney, about 1/2 hr from the campground.  We stopped for a quick lunch since we were actually running about 1 hr ahead of shedule.
After I passed the parks entrance I had a very hard time keeping the car at 80km.  The view was breathtaking!

We arived at our campground, Lake of Two Rivers CG, at around 1:30 and were allowed to enter early.  We found our spacious campsite and quickly got to work setting up the tent.  It actually went up easier this time than it did a year ago... amazing when you actually READ the instructions lol
After getting stuff set up, we made our way down to the beach.  This is the beautiful view that awaited us.

That night we also took a quick walk to the store for Kawartha Dairy ice cream.  I was happy to see they had KD ice cream since IMHO it is the second best ice cream I have ever had.  The first being COWS in PEI which you can't get off the island, so first in Ontario :) 
We also started a fire (first try btw... I rock).  Holy crap it got cool friday night!

Saturday morning I awoke early with the urge to hit the ladies room.  I fiqured it was starting to be daylight so I didn't think I would run into any bears.  Lesson learned... wear your glasses!  I saw a glimpse of a shadow and first thing that went into my head was bear.  I headed back to the tent and grabed my glasses.  I re-emerged very cautiously and realized that it was another camper moving around and not a bear.  DH didn't let me live it down all weekend.......

After a good breakfast we decided to hit one of the many trails at the park.  We thought the 6km Bat
Lake trail looked interesting. Lesson two.. take lots of water when you decide to do a 6km moderate trail hike!  By the end of the walk I was feeling de-hydrated and was very tired!  Looking back at the pictures from the hike, I think it was worth it though... just amazing!  Here are just a few of the almost 100 pictures I took on the hike.
Start of the trail
One of the many little bridges
Cute little froggy
Lovely little bridge around a small waterfall
Was Gargamel here?? :(
The view from the lookout that made the whole trek worth it
Acidic Bat Lake

I ended up putting the camera away about 15 mintues after the lake picture.  I was having trouble walking on the trail (didn't want to sprain my ankle for the 2nd year in a row on holidays) and making sure I didn't drop the camera.

Late Saturday afternoon we  on were joined by my BIL Chad and his family, and my MIL and her friend.  We had a very nice campfire with them on Saturday night, and a nice chat Sunday morning after we packed up our camp.

About 1pm it was time for us to head home.  Traffic was actually better than I thought and we arrived home after a short stop in Peterborough for lunch and picking up my car at my Mom's. 

All in all it was a great camping trip, although it was a little short.  I think we are going to head up there again next year and make it a long weekend (Friday to Monday).

This weekend I am off on another little adventrue and will hopefully blog early next week, but might be later.  


Jennifer M. said...

Beautiful pictures! It sounds like you had a great time. I am not much of hiker which I found out recently. I visited St. John US Virgin Islands in April and you can go on hike trails to secluded beaches on the island. Each trail is rated from easy to hard. We chose an easy trail and I still wanted to die! The heat didn't make it any better either.

Enjoy your next adventure. :)

Lynn said...

I love Algonquin Park. We have never actually stayed overnight but have visited the park and passed through it on our way to Muskoka. This year a bear crossed in front of us on the highway!
Glad you had a great time. Your pictures are great!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

yes you are right, Algonquin in one of the nicest parks in Ontario with so much to see. but then, isn't that what Ontario is about? The beauty. Glad you had a nice time and didn't twist your ankle again.
Be always in stitches.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you took some gorgeous pics of your trip. I love the lake view from the lookout, had to laugh at the smurf comment, and almost couldn't find the frog! (Hopefully, he didn't come home with you to harass your stitching, lol.) Glad you had a good time! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming trip too.

Rachel said...

Those are some really gorgeous pictures! It definitely sounds like you enjoyed yourselves :) I have never been to Algonquin park, it looks beautiful. It sure does make me want to camping!!

Maureen said...

wow - that looks like a beautiful place for camping. We keep threatening to get the tent out here but the neverending rain is putting us off lol!

Joysze said...

OH wow!!!!! Fantastic pics, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories. :D