Thursday, August 18, 2011

It only takes a moment

Before I start this post, I would like to advise my readers that it is non-stitching related. 
Today I dedicate this post to my Cousins who were taken way to young.

16 years ago today life changed.  It changed for me, it changed for my parents, it changed for my family.
It especially changed for my my Aunt, my Uncle, and my cousin.

August 18, 1995 started as any normal day for myself.  I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but I vaguely remember being with my friend Amy in the evening.  I also remember that when I left her house on the short walk home I had an uneasy feeling... it really can't be explained.

The phone rang around 11pm... never good news.
To this day I can still remember getting out of bed and standing at the top of the stairs and hearing my mom say back on the phone "Are they OK?"   I was then told about the accident.  I asked the same... "Are they OK"..... the answer was no........

They had been in a fatal car accident not 15 minutes away from home.  To this day there is permanent cross on the side of the road.

Age wise I was between them.  Katrina was 16, I was 17, Angela was 17, but would have had her 18th birthday that year.

They may have been taken way too early, but the memories I have of them will live forever.  They also have a beautiful little nephew.

Below are a couple of pics I got my aunt to send me.  Please dont' laugh too hard at the fashion ;)

(L-R) Katrina, Me, Angela, Christine
Not sure of the year - Taken at my Gramma's house (Now Aunts)
Don't you love the white socks and black shoes lol
I also noticed when uploaded this, that they put a quilt down for us to sit on... too funny :)

(L-R) Katrina, Me, Angela
I think this was taken in 1993, but not sure. Taken at my Gramma's house ~ Christmas time
OMG look at my hair!!

We think of you with love today,
As we do so often,
And feel again the bitter blow,
That never seems to soften.
Especially today we pray,
Just to let you know,
How lonely life is without you,
And how we miss you so.
No one knows the heartache,
Or what your parting cost,
But Heaven in all it's glory,
Has gained what we have lost.


Unknown said...

Nice tribute Bonnie!

Lynn said...

That's a beautiful in memoriam Bonnie! Also a reminder as to how quickly life can change.

Joysze said...

Ah Bonnie.... my heart goes out to you and your family. I know that even after all these years, it hurts to think of them not being there with you. What a beautiful and loving tribute you've done for them. *hugs*

Beatrice said...

Nicely said!!!