Thursday, August 25, 2011

A frog, an open house, and a finish

While at Rebecca's a few weeks ago I realized that I had two different dye lots for Cirque des Carreux!  I contacted Ann at Knowlege and Needles.  She said she had 6 skeins of Carries Autumn Leaves and would put them aside for me.  If it was one type I would have to frog about 1/3 out of what I had done.  If it was the other, I might as well start over.  Was I ever happy to see that she had the right ones I needed!!  On sunday, I frogged while I listened to a lecture.

What was left of CdCx after the frogging.
(less the re-start in upper left corner)
The whole top portion was completely stitched

And here are the threads after I pulled them out

Last Saturday (20th) I attended my third open house at Knowledge and Needles.  Read about my first and second times if you wish.  It is amazing the friendships I have created over the past 3 years... and it all started with opening that car door ;)

I forgot to take my SLR, but did get a couple of pictures.  I couldnt' decide what I wanted to work on, so I took out the JBW angel I started last week.  I am glad I decided on that since I was up and down most of the day.  I did do some shopping... some thread and some fabric.
Anne, Kathy, Christin, Dani


Some of the beautiful work

After most people had left, Dani and Christin were heading back with Kathy to her place.  Kathy invited me to come back with them and stitch some more if I wanted.  Of course I said yes!  While I was there, I had a.....

It was a small finish, but still a finish in my books!!  Upon the finish Kathy handed me the finish pom-poms.  I had intended to take some cute pics of them, but later on in the night, Dani also had a finish on a RR she was working on.  I imediately handed them over to her.  Check out her blog later and she might post about them.  I wonder who will get these next??
JBW Angel
Not sure what I am going to do with it yet...


I also realized it has been a while since I have posted my WIPS.  While not all of them are here, these are the main ones I am working on besides Cirque des carreux.
Letter "L" for another stitcher. She is going to make these into a quilt.

Magnificent wizard - aslo known as Blair's stupid dragon
Lots of colour changes, but getting there


I also have made some new scissor fobs for birthday gifts this year. 
For Christin

For Dani

For Kathy

I also made one for Rebecca after she informed me I should make one for her back in June.

 Well, that is about all I think for tonight.  Hopefully I can get back into posting more!  Hope you all have a great Friday and a even better weekend!


Beatrice said...

Wow you have been was fun being at the open house on Sat.
A bit of advise..if you find you have a residue from pulling your threads out...use a piece of scotch-tape and put it on the fabric. I run my nail over it and it will take any dye or fluff that is left.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great day, PLEASE take me with you :-) If strangers are allowed, that is :-) I make good food ;-)

Maureen said...

sounds and looks like a good day was had at the open house.

Love the colour you chose for your ink circles. Looking forward to seeing this grow.

Joysze said...

Oh dear... I'm so sorry to hear you had to do all that frogging. :( I'm glad it was only part of the piece instead of the whole.

Sounds like it was a fun open house, and thanks for posting the pics of those beautiful cross stitches.

Your WIPs are looking great!

Kathy A. said...

Oh those darn frogs!! They visited me again yesterday!
IT was a fun weekend wasn't it!

Thanks again for my beautiful scissor fob. It adorns my Dovo's

Bea said...

Sorry you had to do all that frogging - he's the most frustrating critter! CdeC is looking beautiful though - that floss is gorgeous. And congrats on the finish - I love the fabric.
Your beading is SOO pretty - I'm sure people are thrilled when they receive their gifts.

Lynn said...

The floss you're using on your Cirques is gorgeous! I'm so glad that Ann had the right dye lot so that you could carry on. It's just too bad that you had to frog so much out.
The weekend looked like it was a blast! I can't believe the number of people that are attending now. Such beautiful work on display.
Your fobs are fabulous Bonnie!! Now I'm even more excited to see mine. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.