Friday, September 30, 2011

Primitive Designs

On September 24th I attended an outing with the Northumberland Photography Club.

We went to a little shop north of where I work called Primitive Designs.  I had never been to this shop before, but always wanted to go.

Hope you enjoy a few pics I took while I was there

Loved the colour of this pot

Loved this guys face

Just the face of a very BIG maddussa

There was lots of these guys, but really liked the face on this one

Have you ever seen a boat in a lightbulb??

I ams so going back for one of these guys!

 This is actually a bowl and there is also plates like this as well

Hope you enjoyed my pics.  Only one more day of pics and then a stitchy post... I PROMISE!!


Hilde said...

Great photos. I love that place and you've inspired me to go back. What a great venu for experimenting with photography.

Bea said...

Looks like a fascinating shop. Love that bowl!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I like the sunlight that's coming across the budda in the first picture!

Joysze said...

Great photos... I love the colors of that bowl. :)