Friday, February 24, 2012

petite spring update

My next exam is 2 weeks tonight so I am reviewing all 10 modules (1 a night), then practice exams will be on the agenda.  So this is your warnning that I will not be able to post often in the next 2 weeks.

I do however have a small update spring. More of the black filled in.  My plan is to finish all the black before spring retreat and then I can spend my relaxing time filling in the colour.
Ink Circles Spring Mandala
February 24, 2012
Hope you all have a great evening and weekend!


Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your exam. Lovely progress.

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful Bonnie. I love the colours.

Dana said...

nice stitching. I just bought a pattern from them as well. Makes me wanna go start mine!

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

great progress :D