Saturday, November 17, 2012

Non-stitching productive day

I headed out at 8am this morning and drove 45 minutes to pick up my Mom.  We planned this day a few weeks ago after I was told I hadn't spent enough time visiting her ;)

First I hit the farmers market first for artisan chevre (omg so good)

and then Michaels for some finishing supplies.  I was really disappointed in the Peterborough Michaels... their cross-stitch section was almost non existent.... this is basically it!

I did those two stops myself, then picked mom up.  We stopped at a greenhouse first and had to take this pic for Kathy (I posted it on her facebook wall too).  I think the big one on the right would be awesome!

Then we made the usual stops to Canadian Tire, Future shop, Wal-mart, Lunch, the mall, then Costco.  I did manage to finish almost all my Christmas shopping which totally amazed me!  I just had one nephew and my mom to do (hard to shop for someone when they are with you!)

On my way home, I stopped in at Primitive designs to look for a final piece for Blair's present.  I managed to find something neat for him.  I also had to take a pic of this guy... so funny

Blair and I are thinking of getting one for the back yard if they still have them next year.  I have no place to store for the winter at the moment or I would have taken advantage of the 20% off sale.  If you are in my area, they are 20% off entire store and open until Dec 24!  Take the kids to look at the robots while you are out ;)  

One more stop in Cobourg before I went home and found the something I think my nephew will like.  So I am down to just Mom.  Not bad for the 17th of November for someone who hasn't even put a decent tree up in 3 years.  Hoping this year I will be out of my holiday funk and actually decorate for Christmas :)

Tomorrow I am hoping to check out the Santa Clause Parade here in town.

Well i'm off to look for cross-stitch pattern for my mommy.  Have a great night


Anonymous said...

Love the Santa hat on the tiki guy!

Hilde said...

I'm tired just reading about all you did.

Kathy A. said...

Now that sounds like a fun day. Thanks for the nutcracker photo Bonnie. Love it!

Unknown said...

OH girlie! I do hope you get out of the Christmas funk!

Come help me decorate...the kids will get you motivated!

I am itching to decorate now, but will wait until after Abby's birthday.

For me, it's the magic of the lights, the Christmas music, the traditions I get to carry on!

If you put up a decent tree and post me a picture, I will send you an ornament for it! ;-)

Bea said...

Looks like you had a great day! And well done having the majority of your Christmas shopping finished! That has got to feel good.