Tuesday, January 22, 2013

IHSW Jan 2013 - Post report

Sorry this post is a day late... assignment had to come first

This past weekend was IHSW.  I did stitch, but hermiting was done with 17 other people as I was at the annual Knowledge and Needles January retreat.

I work on a few other things, but I tried to concentrate on Smaug.  Saturday night we had a bit of a disagreement though.  He does live under my roof, you would think he would discuss inviting a FROG over to visit!  Sunday evening when I got home we talked it out and I kicked that free loading frog to the curb!

Before weekend
After weekend
I will report on my other stitching later.

Now for retreat, here are some pics I thought you would enjoy

Part of my contribution to the food.  The cake was yummy
Judy and our wonderful hostess Ann
Part of the room with some stitchers
Some of the finishes Dani brought.
Lianne's finish finish.  Perfect frame!
Leslie's Ornaments.  SO CUTE!!  She did a great job on the finishing

Ann's finish - a Mystic stitch


Anonymous said...

Oh that evil Smaug. He should know better than to invite frogs to a stitching party.

Looks like everyone was very busy!

sharine said...

Naughty little dragon! Looks like a fun retreat:)

mybearsnme said...

love your pics! ... we are are drooling about that retreat.... :)

the Wild One in the DC area said...

Sorry about the mean old frog showing his face uninvited but don't send him my way please. Your dragon does look good tho!

Kaisievic said...

Looks like a great time was had by all at the retreat and I am glad that you sent the frog prince packing!

Karen said...

Definitely a great way to spend a weekend! :)

Those are some beautiful finsihes!

EvalinaMaria said...

Great retreat with great accomplishments! Thank you for sharing lovely photos. Love the cake decorations!

Bea said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend. Love the stitching room. And such lovely finishes.

You've made excellent progress on Smaug, inspite of the unexpected guest.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good progress and ti was a great weekend!

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

gorgeous stitching :D

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! It was great to see everyone stitching up a storm. Glad you all had a great time!