Monday, January 14, 2013

So close

I had a bit of extra time to stitch yesterday the planned and kept working on AAN's Maple Leaf.

Unfortunately midnight came too soon and I had to get to bed. Hoping to finish this during the week so I can pull Smaug back out for IHSW/Retreat

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Kathy A. said...

Looking fabulous Bonnie. I am so close too.

Camila Lino Lanigan said...

That is a lovely fabric you are stitching on
Really like it :)

Bea said...

Looking good. Yikes, I forgot IHSW was coming. Thanks for the reminder.

Karen said...

You'll be done in no time! It looks great!

Vicki Boster said...

Bonnie -
Your blog is loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. Looking forward to your special party post - I hope you make lost of hew friends!

Unknown said...

It's a lovely piece...I'm sure it'll get finished this week!