Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goals for March 2013

Okay I need to try this again... Tried new app and it Didn't work well the first time. I will try them again after an update

Okay so lets review from February
1) Work on Blair's Dragon
Here is where I was February 1st

Here is where I am at the end of February

2) Start Belles Lettres

3) Stitch an ornament
Yep again!

So I think I did very well in February!
March 2013 Goals
1) Finish Blair's Dragon (or at least have only back stitching to finish)
2) stitch an ornament
Well that is it for March... I really want to get Smaug done. I also have my exam coming up and work will start to take up more time. I must be reasonable... Again!
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Anonymous said...

You worked an amazing amount on the dragon. It is looking great.

Lynn said...

Way to go! You made amazing progress this month! Smaug looks so awesome.

Lianne said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw your progress on Smaug this month - your needle must be on fire!

Rebel In Ontario said...

Wow! Smaug is trucking right along!

Karen said...

Smaug is soooo close! Can't wait to see it finished. You did great this month! :_

Bonnie said...

The dragon is really coming along. Can't wait to see it finished. It is going to be beautiful.