Saturday, May 4, 2013

Viota's XStitch - Review Part 1

I am definitely not a kit person.  I usually hate the fabric, and especially the floss.  I have done enough of the big brand (D) ones to know I am not a fan of them.

So for something different, I have decided to do a kit from a different company.  This one comes from Europe.  After looking at the website, (www.yiotas-xstitch.comI decided to go with this one.  The kit took no time at all to come in.

My first impression of the kit was a good one. It was packaged professionally and I really liked that the plastic sleeve it was packaged in is re-sealable. I should also mention that the shipping was great as it would be hard to fold etc. I really love the way they present the colours of thread in the back.

I am very happy with the fabric that is included, as it has a great feel to it

The pattern itself it printed on good quality paper, and is actually on 11x17. It is a good size that should be large enough for the average stitcher.

The symbol/colour list also is easy to read.

Now for the floss
DON'T YOU JUST LOVE THAT IT IS ON BOBBINS!!! I think this is a great marketing tool! Since they also include a needle you really can start right away.

The bobbins are clearly marked. I have not used this brand of floss before (MDS) so will have to give more opinions on this as I dive in. They also provide a DMC equivalent in case you are only buying the pattern.

I will continue to update this review as I start and work on this pattern.


Unknown said...

That is an awesome opportunity. I like how the floss is on bobbins too. With my limited experience with kits, that frustrated me the most....trying to figure out what colour was what.

Unknown said... looks like a good kit, and like Amy said, I really like how the floss is on bobbins.

Debby said...

I've always been tickled when the floss is just separated and on some kind of thread keep. But to have them on bobbins with the numbers marked is awesome! That impresses me right there. I'm assuming that you had your choice of fabric for the kit since you said you chose the 28 ct? Is that right? If so, that is another wonderful perk for this company. I'll have to check them out for sure. I look forward to future updates!

Kim said...

I love the way they have presented the floss! I HATE trying to decipher ultra very light pink, from very light pink, light pink and just plain pink! This way it's a no-brainer!

Faith... said...

WOW - looks like a wonderful piece to stitch! What an amazing opportunity...

Unknown said...
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Dani - tkdchick said...

I was asked to review one but I turned it down cause I would of felt like I had to stitch it ASAP

Karen said...

I've looked at charts on this site before, but have been hesitant to order anything. I look forward to follow your review! :)