Thursday, November 7, 2013

In Depth - Fish City

Next up on my In Depth look is Fish City.

As you can see it is out out by Stoney Creek and is the art work of S. Moskowitz, the same guy that brought us Noah's Sub. This is a BAP! The stitch count is 406 x 293.

Back in 2006 I was in a stitching slump. One day on an excursion to Micheals, I saw this pattern. I totally fell in love with it! So much so that I jumped in on a get together in Mississauga with a yahoo group I belonged to. Now this was not the me of today... I was much more shy and it took a lot for me to even think about going.

While at the gathering, we hit a LNS named Gitta's in Port Credit (near Mississauga, which is east of Toronto Ontario)
I met some wonderful ladies that I continue to communicate with over Facebook. A few(Helen, Linda, and Nicole) I have actual met up with again and they come to the K&N open houses too!

I got a large piece of fabric from the LNS to be able to do Fish City.
That weekend basically got me back into stitching. Not as steady as I do now (which long time readers will know happened just after I started blogging)

Now onto today. I'm sad to say this is still a WIP... Only on page 2 of 15

Here are some close ups of what I have stitched

Now, I need your help
I'm not happy with this project
I don't like the fabric, I don't like my stitching (I've improved since 2006), and I think it is too big
What would you do?

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Kaisievic said...

Hmmm! You have a difficult decision in front of you. Sorry, I am no help!

Unknown said...

Do you still "LOVE" the pattern? Can you see it hanging somewhere in your house?

Sometimes, you just have to forget about some projects and move on.

I would say if the love you feel is not strong any more.....chuck it...and not in the corner, the garbage.

Angie said...

If you like the pattern and want to stitch it, then find a better fabby and restart it. If you no longer love it, then move on.

There is too much out there waiting to be stitched to try to force yourself to stitch something you don't like. Especially 15 pages worth.

Lynn said...

Personally, if it's not me and I don't enjoy stitching it then I'm likely to let it go. I did that with the Stoney Creek dragon I started for my son. It just felt like a chore every time I had to pick it up.

Unknown said...

If you dont like the current WIP, then you'll only go crazy stitching it. I'd say restart it, if you still love the pattern. And if you're worried about the fabby and threads going to waste, give this one to someone else to finish! That's what I'd do, anyway :)